New Darklands schedule: Freaky Frydays!

We have now, thanks to the devious maliciousness of your overlord, dictator, master torturer and all-around evil guy “Uncovery”, with the help of the code-twister, head-chopper and eye-gouger “Azkedar”, a new scheduled day for the Darklands: Freaky Frydays!

(Yeah I know, Halloween is over, but who cares?)

On Freaky Frydays, there will be sunlight in the darklands! Yay! Yay? Well we know all that sunlight is bad for you. It burns your skin. Literally. No, I mean it. It will set it on fire. Immediately. So either you carry a bucket of water with you to cool your feet, fill your inventory with fire protection potion or you carry around seeds and bonemeal to plant a tree wherever you set your foot since only standing in water, using those potions or standing in the shadow will prevent you from burning to a crispy treat for zombies.

The good news is, Zombies are also affected by the sun. Yeah, I know, they always were. Other mobs are not. Ouch. The whole thing will become active next week!

To recap, here is the complete weekly schedule for the Darklands as a reminder which can also be found in the world descriptions:

Darklands Schedule:

  • Hungry Wednesdays: Autoheal is disabled. Eating will not heal you.
  • Freaky Frydays: It’s daylight in the Darklands, but the sun will burn you! Seek shadow, water or a fire resistance potion!
  • Bloody Sundays: PVP is ON in the Darklands!



10 thoughts on “New Darklands schedule: Freaky Frydays!

  1. NOOO!!! My unnaturally pale skin will start to peel and burn! My precious!

  2. This… is going to be interesting. Roofs, roofs everywhere…

  3. i laughed the whole time i read this post.
    im talkin relentless fits of giggles here….

  4. How about on Mondays the gates of Hell (nether) open up and spew out mobs into the Darklands, Empire and Kingdom?

    • Nice idea. Well, I can set portals to allow mobs to travel through, but this is difficult to manage properly since no one knows when mobs would actually find a portal and travel through it. Maybe we can just spawn nether mobs in the darklands instead. Will investigate.

      • Sir, this is indeed a lovely idea, yet. Pigmen / Any other Netherlike Mobs will burn ( Despite there Fire Immunity ) from the sunlight.

  5. This…is…genius. lol shall we begin roofing the spawn?

  6. water….I just need a drink of water….plzzzzz….(gasp)

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