Rainfall off in the Flatlands

I know some people have been building roofs over their flatlands lots and with the new map renderer, which draws higher places brighter, those become much more apparent. This made me think so I finally removed the rain in the flatlands.

12 thoughts on “Rainfall off in the Flatlands

  1. i really appreciate it Uncovery, I got sick of the rain and caused too much lag. Thank you for making less lag for the server. Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Just to clarify, rain only causes client lag, not server lag. So the lag you experience while it rains in flatlands does not affect anyone else’s experience. The kind of lag we’re usually worried about is server lag, which affects everybody. :)

  2. I think this is wonderful. Now I can remove my glass roof, and people can see my lots again!

  3. Now, here’s an idea. Giving Elders the ability to do /toggledownfall if it causing lag for others. Just an idea. :)

    • Optifine is on the list of permitted mods. If you want to turn off client rain, you may do so. I will certainly never turn off rain for anyone (I like the rain, sorry), and I don’t want people getting upset at me for choosing not to.

      This is just one step away from servers where everyone spams “make it day plox” whenever night falls because they don’t want to deal. Sorry, I don’t think we should go there.

      • Yes, I can confirm that. Please switch the rain off client-side. It’s a client side-issue, so we should not deal with this server-side. I am only willing to switch it off in the flatlands because there we do not have a really natural environment anyhow.

        • Hm..
          I say. This is mean’t to be complete survival with very few mods. Adding ./toggledownfall? Not the best idea.. You could do what that one creative servers does and have a sign button ‘ Set Day ‘

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