Still working on the 2D renderer for 1.7.3

After I have figured that there were some issues with the 2D renderer not painting the 1.7.2 blocks, I tried to find out what was going on. I tried to write my own datafile to fix this, and finally managed to get some good results. However, there were still some issues left so I asked the dev of the software to show better debug info. I now managed to finish all the block information for 1.7.2 but there are still biomes not showing properly as you will realize on the empire 2D map. I am waiting for a reply of the developer to fix that. In the meantime I also got him to add the feature to limit the map in size to the renderer so that I can remove some of the code I have written to do so. So since the dev replies quite quickly to these requests, I have hope that latest by tomorrow we should have a 100% working 2D map with all blocks and biomes included and no more pink areas on the map.