First batch of lots reset, moved & abandoned. The way forward

Thanks to all who have already now submitted the choices for their lot as reset, abandon or move. We could clean up a very large part of the empire and the whole map looks much better now.

As you know, it is never too late to reset, abandon or remove your lot even now. Just make sure that you are ready, fill out the form (you can find it later in the Access-menu) and your choice will be executed with the next server restart (daily 16:00 HKT time).

This option will be available to you indefinetely, and to everyone again when the next severe biome change comes along with a new minecraft version.

4 thoughts on “First batch of lots reset, moved & abandoned. The way forward

  1. (Possibly) a dumb question: Now that I’ve been given the new lots, is there a way anyone of higher user level can take them away from me anymore? In other words, can I start massive projects without the fear of losing the lots next week?

    • I have to assume that if you already have the lots, it’s a done deal. The “preference” only applies to the application for new lots. So I think you’re safe. Start your megaproject and lemme know when you get it started cuz I wanna see! ;) Have fun

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