2D map finalized, lot reset process last code to be written

I have now managed to get the creator of the 2D rendering engine to fix the last bugs and so our 2D map is now hopefully free of errors. If you ever see bright pink pixels on the map, please tell me then I can fix those.

Regarding the lot reset process, we have written this nice process now and will use it in the future. As you know, all users who have not yet reset their lot will have the possibility to still do so in the future. The interesting thing about the process is that we will be able to use it also for all future world generation updates in all worlds where lots are given out.

I am currently working on the next version of the system that we wrote to be able to deal with any lot & world we like. It will store the current version of any lot (for example, the current skyblock and flatlands is version “1”, empire upgraded from 1.2.1 to 1.7.2, skylands is still 1.2.1) and the moment I tell the system that there is a new version available, the lots of older version become upgradeable. For the flatlands we can introduce lots for example that re automatically framed with white wool, skyblock with different configuations, aether with new biomes etc etc.

Once that is done, every new feature that was brought in by 1.7.2 is finished and we can continue working on the “normal” stuff again such as the PVP/Wither arenas etc.