Lot reset error – last 6 hours lost on reset lots

There was an error in the lot reset code: all lots that have been reset 30 hours ago, have been reset again. So anybody who worked on a reset lot in the 24 hours before the last restart 6 hours ago, lost that work with that last restart.

I am currently restoring the last backup that we made 6 hours ago and will restore all of those affected lots. Please stand by until this is done. I will update here again once I am finished.


I have managed to restore all lots that have been reset twice. So the final status is this:

  • All lots that have not been reset 30 hours ago are unaffected.
  • All lots that have been reset 30 hours ago have been restored to the status 6 hours ago.

Sorry for those that have been working during the last 6 hours on their lots, but I think the number is VERY small. Only one person notified me of the issue in the first place. The error was on my side since I did not properly introduce a check so that lots would not reset twice. Oh well.

6 thoughts on “Lot reset error – last 6 hours lost on reset lots

  1. Thank you Unc. I got a lump in my throat when I read this because I had placed some chests with a beacon and several iron blocks for storage. It is all there, as is the small amount of building I did. You have done a fantastic job on the upgrade! It has come much faster than I expected. Thank you again.

  2. I’m going to have to go check on my beacon too… worried :'(

  3. Left my reset lot alone in anticipation mauahahahahah

  4. Thank you unc! I’d hate to clear that mountain again xD

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