New lot manager coming!

I am currently working to revamp the complete lot reservation & reset system. We are moving to a much more integrated lot manager page. Here is what you will be able to do with the new system You will be able to…

  • abandon, move or reset flatlands lots
  • chose your new flatlands config from a set of different versions or move to empire.
  • abandon, move or reset skyblock lots
  • chose how your new skyblock is configured from a set of different versions.
  • abandon, move or reset 1.2.1 version empire lots
  • see and change members of all your lots
  • see and change snow-fall option in case you are donator
  • reset your aether lot (we will generate a version with 1.7.2 biomes soon)
  • abandon or transfer kingdom lots
  • register to new lots in all worlds

That means that the current lot reset page will disappear along with the lot reservation pages under the “access” tab. However, for the coming couple of weeks, further lot resets will be suspended. Since I am on holiday for some time, I do not want to run an automated system that resets lots when I am not around. the risk of something going wrong is too high.

One thought on “New lot manager coming!

  1. You’ve been busy Unc!

    This sounds awesome. Thanks for all you do.

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