New ban command for Elders

In the spirit of the new /mod banrequest command I know also made a new command to ban players: /mod ban <player> <reason>. This command not only bans the player but also sends all logfile entries of the banned player in an email to myself. While I asked before every elder to send an email to me if they ban someone, this command does so automatically.

9 thoughts on “New ban command for Elders

  1. Very handy! Thank you, unc!
    As before, are you still not able to see the we input so there’s no need to do that step?

    • For some reason it emitted the main word in that. I was asking about putting the “reason” in the command.

      • Omitted* -_-

        What’s worth commenting on, is worth over commenting on.

        • Very nice Unc, but never get a chance to use it kid always beats me to it. lol

    • Someone has been banned everyday in the last 3 days.

  2. . Sounds like some little news report stating people dieing from a certain cause, except just bans . Lol

  3. A great time-saver, with the added bonus that we don’t have to take our attention away from the server. Nice addition! Thanks Unc!

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