Uncovery Logo competition Step 1: Ideas?

I was made aware by ktechwhiz that we did not have a server logo for the server list in the minecraft client that is possible now since 1.7.2.

That made me think that we do not have a real logo for the server at all. I thought it would be great if we had one, so here is the first step in the process to get one: Ideas.

We need ideas for the logo first. What should be in it? It should not be just text in my opinion. I am also not sure that my in-game face would be the best thing, since minecraft faces are already all over the place.

So please post your ideas below as comments! I will then list them all up and the one I like most will win something™!


114 thoughts on “Uncovery Logo competition Step 1: Ideas?

  1. I think it should say “Uncovery – build your dream” somewhere in it.

    • I do like the idea of your face, but I understand why you don’t want it.

  2. Uncovery – Uncover and discover your adventure.
    Have it with a picture of a skull and crossbones above a chest full of diamonds.

  3. I will draw something, and get back to you in a couple days. Fortunately for you, you have yourself a graphic artist on the server. heh heh heh.

  4. IDEAS?! okay. lets do dis.

    i got none,im too tired.

    oh wait! how about a little miner guy underground? cuz you’re uncovering stuff ya know. or something. :D

  5. I don’t know what it would be, but i definitely think that it should be something that everyone on the server agrees with and everyone looking into joining the server will enjoy. Obviously the answer is bacon! (psych). We need something that sums the entire server up in one picture. Also, i don’t think it should be one individuals build because that’s too inclusive. Maybe this’ll help narrow it down. :)

  6. Everyone seemed to agree with the “Alpaca meat taco on top of a sculpture of the ban hammer with a halo” proposal…

  7. “Uncovery – Build your dream” has been the tagline for the server for quite some time. Perhaps, “Uncover your minecraft” could be the ‘theme’ of the new logo. I’m trying to think of a good way to depict that in graphic form.

  8. What is the size if the logo? Cant squeeze the world into something the size of a dime and all….

    Picks, and faces and such are all cliche’ at this point.

    Maybe a chest opening with a glow coming out of it with a big “U” behind it or something along those lines?

  9. I think with the pixel limitation it’d really just be a symbol. I’m thinkin fancy “U” with a pick and sword behind it. I like cliches lol

    • To be honest, I do too. But it should stand out when you open multiplayer. If you have 4 servers in your list and they are all a shovel or pick, that’s boring.

  10. I think it would be cool if we made a mosaic of many faces,to make a ‘U’ in a sense.

    p.s this sounded better in my head.

  11. {Uncovery Minecraft}

    And choose any of the images that randomly appear on the header of the url.

    Or make them rotate the same way

  12. most ideas are impractical for the real estate on hand.

    as kenny stated 64×64 btw with scaling down to 32×32

    means that your pretty limited as far as real estate goes.

    I like lvasold’s idea though, “Uncover your minecraft”

    Has a nice ring to it and there are ways to work “uncovering” into a logo

    • That was kind of my thinking with the chest, and why i was asking about how much room we have. It needs to be super simple, and something very “game centric.”

      Chest opening with light coming from it, and the words “Uncover YOUR Minecraft” or some such phrase for the big logo, but just the icon of whatever unc chooses for the smaller logo.

    • Maybe use the idea of the letter “U” monogram as negative space… That is, show dirt, or maybe darkness, which has been dug away in the shape of a “U” to reveal a mosaic of minecraft blocks of different types (e.g. diamond, emerald, netherrack, obsidian, etc.)

      This with the idea”Uncover your minecraft” puts emphasis on “your”. … different blocks for different play styles. Just a thought.

      • Something like this:

        Would look like this in the server list:

      • I like this.

        Maybe like a profile of a full dirt block with the grass on top and such? then the pixels dug away to make the “U” with ores behind. If you shaded some of the pixels it could be made to appear that the ores are deeper into the block. Diamond shovel to the side with the banner “Uncover YOUR Minecraft” across the bottom, or play on the tag line now with This could be the actual server logo, and the smaller icon maybe just the grass block with the U on it?

        • well, that’s what I get for typing this in at work, and then not hitting reply when I get called away. lol.

          How hard would it be to add a grass block around that?

          It looks awesome by the way!

        • Also I meant to type “Uncover YOUR Dreams” as the play on the current server motto of Build Your Dreams.

          • I really like this maybe have miniature pictures of server builds in the mosaic instead of blocks (just an idea) I’ll post a picture of my alternate mosaic soon

  13. How about a picture of a player digging with an underground city underneath them?
    That would be pretty hard to make into such a small picture, but…

  14. idk why this just popped in my head, but what about if there was water coming in from the top left hand corner of the image, lava from the bottom right hand corner, and then right where the lava and water meet there can be an obsidian “U”

    like said, it just popped into my head randomly X3

  15. Combo idea…I know Unc doesn’t want his face on it but how about his arm pushing through the ground holding a single diamond with the “Uncover YOUR Minecraft” or other phrase over the top. Simple…maybe even use the lava and water idea so he is pushing through the obsidian.

    • I like this idea! Although I would just write “Uncovery” or “Uncovery.me” due to the size limit.

    • Yes…Azkedars is much better than a lot of icons I have seen. Most icons are like walking through a tacky used car lot, lots of flash and little substance. In my opinion Uncovery is hands down one of the best servers I have been on. We just need to translate that into an awesome logo that is just as amazing as the server and the people playing on it.

  16. I like the idea of a “U” as the center of focus for the logo, and having the tagline beneath it. I would personally prefer “Uncovery – Build Your Dream” as the quote, as that has been the headline of the website for as long as I can remember. I also like Tara’s idea of having water and lava on the sides, it would make it clear that this is a Minecraft server (although that is already heavily implied). Also, maybe there could be some sort of overworld aspect at the top of the logo, such as a village or a castle to fit the space. Although there would definitely be size limitations with the limited amount of room to work with.

    • As I’ve been thinking a bit more on the subject, I also thought about the phrase “Build your dream” meaning you can build absolutely ANYTHING in your imagination, so there should be some way to represent that. Such as an open door, or as Jonno said an open chest with light coming through it. I hope that could give the idea that you could “Uncover” your adventure or “Build your dream,” as the site states.

  17. Could also make it into an in-game logo design contest. Use flat 64 by 64 block plots to layout and design the logo. The winner could then be put up somewhere by spawn vertically like a road sign advertisement thing. Or just let your graphic designers go nuts. I do really like the U that azkedar made.

  18. I believe we should go with a combo of an Icon , and a phrase. such as azkedar’s “U” (a tad smaller to fit the phrase ) and the phrase “Uncovery – Build your Dream” under it.

  19. I know I’m in the minority – but I like unc’s face (as a server image, though I’m sure unc you’re pretty) It is the logo we see for all the voting sites as well… just a sense of continuity

    • this. although azkedar’s is awesome too :) the other suggestions are nice, but wildly impractical for a 64×64 icon

    • That’s pretty cool, but it’s twice as big as the server icon size (64×64), I’m not sure it’ll scale down properly.

  20. i think we shoulf just have a u with mincrafty things on it

    • That area could represent a single entity like a diamond block, a redstone ore. a heart. a diamond. a sword.

    • I can also crop/resise the image but i think its good as a base idea

  21. I like the idea of having the U come out of the chest with light spilling out. No words, because if they see the symbol, the server name is next to it.

  22. I would suggest a simple contest to build something on the server, Then pick the best one and use that as the image.

    • I like it but the “U” would have to be more of an object (with some color and a slight 3D effect). Now it’s just a black hole if you know what I mean?

      • i thought that too. im not very good at graphic design, but ill try and get something done.

        • (Before i did that my mom said that until i told her it was a “U” she thought it was 2 lines… I thought it was just her but then i realized all of us are expecting a U and people are not so i want to make the U more clear so i put it the side of the box instead.) I see it as uncovery is the chest that holds something amazing.
          Image : http://s13.postimg.org/3x1x6kc2f/Uncovery3.png

          • I forgot to re-size it but if you like it can.

            Unc you should add an edit button to the forums for people who forget to write stuff like me

            • Azkedar’s U logo in that chest.

              I would love to see what that looks like.

              • i can try but i think his U will look bad low res especially since its smaller than a 32*32 area for the U

  23. Uncovery – Uncover your inner build
    Become One with Uncovery
    Build, Dream, Discover
    Uncovery – Where Minecraft Dreams become real
    Builders, Explorers, Adventurers – Which one are you?

  24. Here are some ideas:
    Uncovery – Find your dream
    Uncovery – Show all your MC skills
    Uncovery – Make your dream come true
    Uncovery – Use your building skills
    Uncovery – Create your dream
    Uncovery – Make your biggest dream

  25. I made this…
    It’s basically just a big, stone-like U with vines and cracks on it. The background is supposed to be a blue, velvet cushion.
    That is all.

      • Thanks. i’ve really only seen three main ideas for the logo. mine, this one, and a U made with block textures (azkedar’s) i saw another but i doubt it would look good with 64*64

    • Well i can make make one and you can have credit for the idea but idk a dirt block is kinda… lame mabye something interesting like umm idk. no diamond stuf mabye a gold block? I also though mabye we could put a ‘U’ in a minecart or something. Just more ideas for Uncovery to go through =D

  26. Here is another post for the U in a i chest thingy, Im not sure if i should change the color/font for the ‘U’ can you guys reply what color/ font. (Btw the ‘U’ is 3D but it doesnt look too much different when it is sized down)

    black/Techno Hideo

  27. I didn’t go through the posts so I’m not sure if it was anyone’s idea yet. Anyway, I think it should be a chest, just a crack open (or open), and what you think your best build is inside.

  28. i dont think i could come up with anything better than what you guys have done, but when i play on uncovery; i think more of the people on it not the game itself. i mean without the players there would be no Uncovery right? if you think about it the people make the servers not the game.

  29. don’t know if its taken, but i was thinking of a picture with the players on it, get as many players as possible, and then put it in the back of the logo. then you could type Uncovery, and build your dream underneath it.

      • I was actually working on acompilation idea with multiple faces and a U. similar to azkedar’s block texture concept but hasn’t had much time to work on it. maybe tomorrow.

  30. Maybe me and bdogg99 could whip something up. We’re trying to learn graphic designing.

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