New lot manager (almost) finished

I have now activated the new lot manager. If you are above Guest level, you should use that for any lot changes that you want to do. This includes lot resets and so on. At the same time, I have also re-done the code behind the settler test.

Unfortunately, this is a huge, complicated process. There are several different databases in the background being affected, from user rights over lot management and custom ones. There are dozens of places where the process can fail or unexpected things can happen. Please be so kind and help me debug this by NOT abusing errors. Whenever you use a function, please try to see if:

  • you can use only stuff that you are supposed to use. If you can suddenly get lots that you should not, get something for free that you should not etc, please report it!
  • you can use all the tools properly. If something fails, please report it!
  • check if new users have issues with the settler application. Unless they get a message that they answered the questions wrong, please tell them to be patient and to file a ticket.

Also, I have not enabled the actual resetting of lots yet. So if you chose to reset your lot, please be aware that your choice will be stored in the system but not executed yet. I want to make sure everything works fine before I need to undo lot resets….


7 thoughts on “New lot manager (almost) finished

  1. As always, Unc (and azk), thank you for all the work you do to provide this excellent server for us! It is greatly appreciated and I hope to be with this community for quite a while! :)

    • This one is all Unc, I didn’t hardly do anything with it other than some early stage testing. :)

  2. Thanks Unc. This will greatly improve things and make things very organized. Keep up the good work!

  3. Unc rocks for sure. Poor suckers on the other servers…..

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