Voting lottery updated, skyblock map fixed, log modules created

I have upgraded the voting lottery now so that it can handle block-types, i.e. different colored glass etc. I also included all the blocks proposed here.

I further fixed the skyblock 2D map. Seems nobody so far realized that it was 4 lots off in each direction, thanks tbrewda for reporting!

Further, I now have created a new logging system that logs all important activities on the server more systematically instead of just having the console log mixed in with the chat. I also created a web interface for that one and the logblock plugin. Once I cleaned that one up, I will give access to the logblock plugin to elders so they can lookup griefers and decide themselves if they want to ban them or talk with them. We had now twice for example blocks damaged in the darklands spawn and one time it was just a small issue, the other one was systematic destruction on a larger scale. With the web-interface one can very easily see how big the damage was and make a judgement.

6 thoughts on “Voting lottery updated, skyblock map fixed, log modules created

  1. Again thanks for your hard work Unc. Also looking forward to the logblock plugin.

  2. I just saw it work in game. Glad to see you got that put in so quick :)

    Thanks so much Unc!

  3. One user told me when a creeper destroyed some blocks near spawn. I told him to attack them nearby and move on, as it was an accident. I wasn’t aware of any systematic abuse.

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