Mob heads

I am fighting with the new heads plugin to prevent it from dropping mob heads. If you are getting mob heads after this has been posted, please make a ticket. I will try to switch that off. Also, there are some mobs which drop bugged heads that can be multiplied after drop & break. If you break a head and get 2 back PLEASE destroy those. I do not want bugged blocks around on the server since we have NO idea what other problems they might cause.

4 thoughts on “Mob heads

    • Maybe if you could just lower the chance of them dropping it would be good

  1. I was reading this after doing research on mob farms since i want creeper heads. You now can only get one head per charged creeper no matter how many mobs u put with the charged creeper. So has this changed and mob head can happen now or is this something u might consider bring back now that it is harder to get them.

  2. Mob head drops should be turned off Bugsy. I don’t believe you should be getting any mob heads.

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