New world for mega-structure planning!

I have now created a new world, dedicated for the planning of Mega-structures to be built in the Kingdom: The Draftlands

The primary incentive was to have a world where worldedit can be used. I made some intensive tests and discussed with Elders how to pull this off. So far Elders have been running private, local servers to do planning, and the lack of 100% backups and the complexity of running a server in general caused some issues that made me decide to host this service here directly.

As a result we now have a map that has the same lot structure as the kingdom. I highly discourage casual buying of these lots, which is why I put in the following limits:

  • The lots can be bought by Elders only
  • The lots are expensive (50k for a main lot)
  • You can get only lots where you have the same coordinates on the kingdom already

However, there are also upsides:

  • Elders can use WorldEdit (with some small limitations)
  • It’s creative
  • You can copy your kingdom lot as-is over into the same spot to work on it (still to be enabled)
  • Elders can add lower level users to the lots

Before you complain now about not being an Elder and therefore not being able to use Worldedit: Even with the limitations that are possible, WorldEdit is dangerous. It is not possible to 100% prevent effects outside the own lots. There are numerous ways to make the server lag off everyone or even crash it. So I want to restrict this to the people I know well and where I know they can stand up for anything that happens.

14 thoughts on “New world for mega-structure planning!

  1. Awesome, thanks a lot for this! I can’t wait to get started with them.

    • Will you be asking for more donation in the near future Pine XD?

      • Probably hehe. I paid for 151 thousand uncs worth already(thanks to donations). I just need about 70 thousand more. I have the most urgent purchases out of the way though.

  2. Fair enough, nice feature.
    May many good builds rise from this.

  3. Will it be creative to the new users added? If so, sign me up pine.

  4. Would it be possible to drop the lot purchase requirement to Master? The Future City project has no Elders involved.

    • What if an Elder that trusts you buys it on your behalf? For instance you can send them the Uncs needed to purchase the lots and they simply add you to the lot in order to get build rights. That way Elders are still in control and you get a lot that you can build The Future City with. There are several reasons why this may not work but I figured I would throw in a resolution anyway.

    • So far I have limited it to elder because they are the only ones who can use the worldedit commands.
      Elders cannot buy it since they need to also own the actual kingdom lot.

      I did not even enable to copy over the present kingdom lot. This is a tricky process that is not so easy to “just switch on”. I have to have time to monitor carefully if everything works otherwise whole worlds get screwed up.

      Once that is enabled, I will likely also let masters buy lots. This is something that I thought I never would do. It’s complicated, dangerous and highly abusable. That’s why I want to make a slow intro with a gradual expansion instead of pushing the big risky stuff from the beginning. Please be patient.

      • I meant this as a long term question. I wasn’t trying to come off as impatient and completely understand the slow rollout. Minimizing the threat of abuse and other big problems should always take top priority. I didn’t know kingdom lots are only purchasable by elders now, seems I still have a little catching up to do on the updates.

        • kingdom lots are for everyone. Draftlands worlds can be bought only by elders since they also have the biggest reason to buy them, since they are the ones who can use worldedit.

        • And you did not come off impatient. I was answering for everyone who reads this here and maybe does not have the same understanding as you have

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