Error found, lot reset, let’s see…

I just found through the error log that the issue was caused on lot FLAT_P12 by a user that built some redstone system. Since there was not a lot of stuff on the lot, I reset it now. Please note that I have NO idea if the redstone contraption was built in a (unintentional) bad way to crash the server or if it was a spigot minecraft error that might cause further crashes on other stuff on the server. We will have to wait if there are other crashes occurring and hope for the best.

4 thoughts on “Error found, lot reset, let’s see…

  1. Ugh. Crud! That’s my lot! I wasn’t intentionally doing anything to cause lag. I checked the tps regularly and consulted others. I had no active systems that I was aware of, but I did place a lot of hopper systems.

    I know lvasold had crashed the serv with hopper system.

    I also spent a long time creating and designing that “not a lot of stuff” to use in my survival lots (any maybe for others) so the whole thing is quite upsetting.

    • I am not sure how this happened. Please note that what was on your lot did not lag the server out. It crashed it within seconds. So either there was some corrupt file, a bug, or something really weird going on. If you were online when the server crashed the first time, I would say it’s a bug. If you were not online, then you let a Redstone system run unattended…

  2. I wish I knew what the issue was so I can build what I want without causing problems. The server crashed as I was placing chests on top of hoppers. I hope to make those systems in the future but I won’t until its spotted or fixed. As for a perpetual redstone-running system causing the crash… they were all designed to not run unless there was an input and I’m certain they weren’t actively moving items or signal (i was there). I’m stumped and I guess iIll make my redstone devices elsewhere until its safe.

    • It’s not only perpetual running, it’s more “running unattended”. Since the server crashed when you were there, this is not an issue anyhow. I do not have time this week to load the backup to a temp server to investigate this, so my advice would be to just do as if nothing happened and make sure you test your builds in steps while it grows instead of making a huge contraption without ever running parts of it to make sure that the size of the mechanism is not an issue.

      I would assume that a massive “wrong build” (whatever that might be…) can make an issue, but a small one would make itself apparent easier. So add stuff, test it, add more and so on. It’s probably what you did anyhow, but this is the only advice that I would have.

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