Flatlands lot types – input requested

I am now working on different flatlands world types that users will be able to chose from/reset to. I can generate a handful of empty lot types that the user can request to be copied over the existing lot to make certain builds easier. I am looking for meaningful and not disruptive types of lots that could be given as a choice. So far I have

  • The current lot type. Grass on the top, 5 blocks of dirt, then stone, then bedrock.
  • A “tech-lot”: Green wool on top with a marker every 5 blocks. Hollow below but framed underground to prevent people from digging across lots (see flat_c20)

Anything else we should have? Why?


7 thoughts on “Flatlands lot types – input requested

  1. An amplified lot, like mountains floor to ceil
    A desert island surrounded by water
    A nether style plot to test nether builds
    A generic area for each biome perhaps?

    Amplified because big mountains and creative leads to flaoting cities and awesome when combined with flight and creative game modes.

    A desert island because a location surrorunded by water is a great spot to build in the world because it effectively creates a relatively safe area quite easily

    A nether style plot because flatlands is used for testing builds, and people build in the nether.

    Generic biomes because of this same fact ^

  2. I would like to see a creative world that wasn’t just flat myself. Create a regular map and make it creative.

      • Sorry guys, but I do not remember asking for proposals for additional worlds. Please try to make constructive proposals.

        • Sorry, that’s kind of what I was meaning. Maybe half the world would be mountainous, leading down into the other half perfectly flat. Would be easy to create with world edit. But yeah, it wouldn’t really work with the map we have now and transferring over, unless all current builds were moved to one side, and given the option to abandon if they wanted to build in terrain. I imagine that would be a ridiculous amount of work for you though, and not feasible. I didn’t really mean another world for the server.

          • I am still a bit stuck on this whole server being a survival server with creative mode being a help to support survival builds. So I am happy to have lots to copy in that support it instead of giving a “lazy survival mode” where people can build what they want in a landscaped creative world.

            • Totally get that. I am a survival guy anyway.

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