Kingdom lot future

Regarding the future of the kingdom lot, there are a couple of points due to recent developments:

I have read somewhere that people were wondering if we should expand it since there are few larger open areas free. So for anyone who considers getting a larger kingdom lot, please note that there are currently the following areas open for purchase as 2×2 lot clusters without significant water:

  • M6-L7: Nice forests, a bit of desert, a river and a harbor
  • D3-C4: A nice lake in 99% ownership of the lots, snow can be removed. Harbor and a potential to expand even further to D2-C4 (3×2)
  • P12-O3: While a lot of swampland, relatively independent area and easy to flatten out with dynamic landscape

Further, with the Draftlands now being enabled to import kingdom lots, I am waiting for the first people to try out the feature and use it for planning their kingdom builds. Once we see how that works, I am fine to expand the access to the draftlands to Masters.

Since now the chunk-copying works fine, we can soon merge the city with the draftlands and then have a creative world where finished kingdom lots can be looked at in creative mode.


3 thoughts on “Kingdom lot future

  1. I am now trying the import function. Can’t wait to check it out when the server restarts! Thanks for this.

    • pine, I realized that there was a bug with the copying still and I will have to test it again before I can re-enable it

  2. Awesome Unc. I can see where a few of my lots would be useful to have a draftlands version.

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