9 thoughts on “New kills-database for empire & kingdom

  1. This looks really useful! I lost a few cows and sheep last week and wonder why people want to to that.

    But what happens if I kill some wild animals (not in a farm) on my neighbor’s lot? It that allowed?

    • If it’s not on your lot… I’d leave it. They may just prefer to let their animals free-range, as I do… until I have the farms setup. :)

      • Free wondering animals are fair game. At least that is the answer I got from a previous ticket.

      • Free running are allowed to be killed in small numbers to prevent starving. No matter if there is a wall around the lot or not. Animals in pens are off-limits. Mass-killing is also off-limits for free roaming.

  2. Is there any way to get an option that allows us to filter out the hostile mobs and just see livestock, players, villagers, etc? It will get pretty flooded with hostile mobs due to mob grinders

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