Damaged items in the shop

Would anyone buy damaged leather, iron and gold items as they come from mob drops from the shop? And if so, what damage % would you still buy? I am asking since there are some of those in the shop and I wonder if those are a nuisance or acceptable. If not, I would block a certain % damage from being added to the shop. So let’s say someone tries to add something that is more than 50% added to the shop it would not be possible. I would do that then for everything however, including enchanted diamond picks…. so it’s all or nothing.

Opinions welcome.

8 thoughts on “Damaged items in the shop

    • Wait , wait. 80% left? Thats alot of durability that could still be used.

      I was thinking in terms of about 20% left on the item.

  1. I buy damaged enchanted tools frequently to enchant my tools. You can take an Unb 3, Silk 1, diamond pick with 1% left (99% damaged) and enchant a perfectly new diamond pick with only 23 xp. Silver82 has been supplying all of my Unb 3, Eff 4 enchants for my shovels lately.

    Even leather armor has its specialized uses. For example a helm with Aqua 1, Resp 3, or boots with Feather Falling 3.

  2. Some of the damage armor is very low priced. Get enough of them and u can combine for whole armor that is less then buying or making new. I did this with gold armor when we were all testing the new writher arena. I knew I was going to lose the armor so I wanted cheep stuff. I think I lose 3 or 4 full sets of gold armor. That was better then using and losing my diamond enchanted armor.

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