Prank sales – remove them now!

I would like to remind all of you that prank-items in the shop are a no-go. This here is the list of  the most expensive items in the shop. While I know that some of the items are actually valuable, and some of the users not here anymore, there are clearly some prank items in there with ridiculous prizes. And remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of others.

I will leave this post here as a reminder for some time and expect everyone to review what they are selling. If I find these items still in the shop when I check next time and see that the user has been online in the meantime, I will make a decision of either subtracting the charged amount from the user’s accounts (even if that means they will go into negative values) or to just ban the users if it turns out to be a pattern.


9 thoughts on “Prank sales – remove them now!

  1. Admin_keylar will not be able to remove his for obvious reasons.

  2. Hey what is my name doing up there? Thank heavens for lvasold!

    • He merely pasted a picture of the highest priced items. IMO your high prices are justifiable! Lva’s not so much ;)

  3. Is it possible to take off the items in the shop from people that got a ban. Mainly those that got a ban from using x-ray. There is a good chance that those items were found by the person when using x-ray. I would not want to buy items that were found that way. I would think that others feel the same.

    • Yeah it is possible to take away banned people’s stuff. Not specific reasons ones, but of all banned users. Let me think about it.

  4. Uncovery is there any way you can take down the diamond hoes without charging me because I have loads of schoolwork and have no access to my pc. Im sorry for this inconvenience. Thanks :)

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