New page headers!

I have decided to make a page header that appears for all users, depending on their user level. These are supposed to guide new people faster to the whitelist and settler applications and to give additional info on user relevant items (outstanding votes, new settlers etc).

Here is the header for not logged in users:


And here is the header for guests:Capture

I also renamed the “Access” menu to “Your stuff” and the “About” tab to “Information”. The “Your stuff” tab now contains everything where you can interact with the website to change your contents directly, such as the Story Admin or the user votes.

I will try to make more changes along those lines. If you want to see contents for yourself in this box such as you see when you login to the game for example, or stuff that is currently in the sidebar, please let me know.

12 thoughts on “New page headers!

  1. The custom header gave me quite a startle this morning. “What is Unc calling me out before the whole community for?” I felt like I was standing on stage naked until I read this “New Page Headers” post. This is fantastic! You are brilliant Unc!

  2. Oh funny. When I got on the website I was like What????? I like this.

  3. Finally I see the Settler test for the first time (didn’t take it, it was broken at that time). :D

    In my opinion, some of the questions are not very useful (like the lot size, color of 2D map — I think it’s okay if a new user doesn’t know it) and some are too easy (using words like ‘beg’, ‘die 50 times’ — they know it’s the wrong answer and don’t even need to read it).

    • Some of the questions are there because people asked them often. Others so that we make people read the instructions. If they have to read it at least when they click the right answer, even if it’s obvious, they know that they will die 50 times. Without that, people just click random stuff and the do not even know what was the right answer.

  4. Nice job, but I think “Welcome, Uncovery” should be “Welcome to Uncovery”, it makes more grammatical sense.

  5. Pretty nifty idea. I’m pretty positively sure that maybe new “recr… I mean new players may find their way probably a bit faster to the server this way. It stands out but not too much. Very forward thinking, I like it.

  6. I like them aswell. They make me feel special. Like a personalized message in a sense. Great Idea Unc!

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