Command structure changed

I have introduced a new command /whereami, which gives quite technical information about your current location. This is good to take a screenshot of if you are reporting information about issues to me.

I had the /who and /where commands so far, for lack of a better place in the “mod” plugin, but I have now enough commands to make a new plugin to host these, the “info” plugin. So the help for all the commands can be accessed with /info

There is another new command now, /settler <username>, where you can tell someone how to become settler. It’s very similar to the /website command where you direct people to look for help on the website.

There was a conflict however with the existing /info command that showed help for the shop. The command was renamed to /shopinfo

One thought on “Command structure changed

  1. I love the whereami command :) I use it on other servers, and it is VERY helpful.

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