Lot move enabled, city future DOOMED!

With Azkedar’s help, the copying of a chunks in the world to a different location is now finally fixed! This means that we can (finally) copy flatlands lots over to other locations. The functions in the lot manager have now been re-enabled.

Also, as some of you might remember, when we created the kingdom, we discussed how we can make finished kingdom builds available in creative mode so people can see it.The solution proposed at the time was to create a new world with creative mode with a copy of the kingdom builds where users can fly around and look at stuff. The issue there was that it would be essentially the same as the city. We would have 2 worlds for exactly the same purpose. Why not just one? So the plan was to make a new world for the finished kingdom builds and copy the city over there as well, the “new city”.

So far, we always copied finished stuff to the city, but Rome was already a challenge since the copying was done in-game with WorldEdit, block by block. Copying even larger builds like the whole city somewhere else was impossible. Now with the working chunk copy tool, we can copy huge areas to new locations in the blink of an eye. This gives us the following possibility:

We can have a new creative world with all finished kingdom builds and all city builds in one world! The goal is to have a carbon copy of the kingdom and find free lots and locations to copy city builds into. The recently created draftlands is the perfect location for that.

So what will happen next?

The new city and the kingdom have to stay in sync. We cannot put something in the new city that might have to be overwritten later because someone built something amazing in the kingdom that we want to preserve. So for every place that we occupy in the new city, we also have to occupy in the kingdom.

First of all, I found a location for Rome on one of my kingdom lots and copied it to there. I will now find more places (free lots that I will occupy or those that I own already) for the remainder of the city builds in the kingdom and move them over, too. Then, I will copy them 1:1 to the draftlands so people can fly around there and see them. Once the city spawn and everything is in a good location, I will rename the draftlands to “city”, move all the spawn points, portals etc there and remove the old city world.

How will this affect the draftlands World-edit based building? Not at all. People will still be able to test their builds there – as long as they are not finished. Once a build is declared finished, I will take over the respective draftlands (=new city) and kingdom lots and thus disable further changes.

[Update]In that process, it is likely that I will expand the kingdom to accomodate all the city builds in an appropriate environment[/UPDATE]

3 thoughts on “Lot move enabled, city future DOOMED!

  1. OMG. It is next to my kingdom lots. I was slacking in kingdom as I built on my renewed lots in empire. I think I will go back and build on the Kingdom lots some more. I was having a building block for the kingdom lots. MMMmmmm I am thinking more huge tree houses. I just love tree houses. Oh so much work to do. It will be fun. :) I will go to sleep planing the next big build.

  2. I shall work with renewed vigor to complete my cities in Kingdom! Freaking awesome to see Rome so close as well. I hope Kawasumii & Southern Shanmulach will one day occupy space in the city.

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