Minecart signs

Since I now was able to re-enable minecarts I went through the outstanding tickets that concerned the signs. There was one open since March, where a user notified me that there is a feature called “eject at” that allowed users to teleport them to any coordinate on the map. Of course this is not in the spirit of the server.

Because the permission system for the minecart signs is not really convenient to manage, I had trouble disabling those earlier. I found out now how this works, but this disabled the creation of ALL signs. There does not seem to be a permission that disables the usage of existing signs. I have to figure out a nice way how to manage the plugins permissions.

I know several people have abused this feature in the past. The issue is that I cannot disable already existing signs. If you have any of them, please take them down. So please be aware that if I catch anyone with those signs, it’s a ban.


4 thoughts on “Minecart signs

  1. Is it only the “eject at” sign that is the problem? Because in the plugin.yml file you can individually set which signs can and cannot be created.

    • Sean the issue is for the signs that already have permission. There is not a convenient way to remove permission for a sign that already has it. That is why we must remove the signs with [Eject at] that now exist.

  2. Unc, I found something that may work, in the config.yml, there is a section that defines the searching radius that [eject] will look for [eject at] or [eject here]. You can set this to 0, and it won’t register the signs anymore

    • Sean I want to keep the eject here signs but disable the eject at signs. So this will not work. I managed already to find a workaround though to disable only eject at signs, thanks!

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