Today’s upgrades

Please see the latest upgrades from the voting system:

  • yorllik (from Architect to Designer)
  • annajanna (from Citizen to Architect)
  • ginger_snaps (from CitizenDonatorPlus to ArchitectDonatorPlus)
  • khyddinamaani (from ArchitectDonatorPlus to DesignerDonatorPlus)

Congratz and thanks to all voters!

11 thoughts on “Today’s upgrades

  1. Oh my gosh. Thankyou so much guys, you made me blush for realsies! Was in-game when it came up… Surprised is not the word haha.

  2. Wow this is fantastic! Congratulations yorllik, annajanna, GingerSnaps and khyddin! You deserve this. You each make Uncovery better with your presence in game. See you soon!

  3. Thank you all. When I realized it, in-game, I was overwhelmed with excitement! I never thought I would get upgraded and am truly delighted with the new status.

    I apologize for just now noticing that this was on the site, too. I suppose I need to pay more attention to what is on the website.

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