Good news, everyone!

Ok, so there are several good news to be shared:

1) The relatively new server list is deleting the vast votes every month. Since we have relatively many votes, we pop up on top of the list now. There are only 5 other server with more votes than us (mostly those with permanently 20 or even 100+ users online), so we are on spot No. 6 and therefore very visible on the first page of the website. We are already getting more users from that list, which is great! Thanks to all the voters!

2) I had the idea to install a better referrer tracking. This will allow us to track when people coming from an external website such as a server list becomes a Guest and later if they become a Settler. So we can judge the effectiveness of the server lists better.

3) The new settler test seems to be working finally. Thanks to all of you who have been helping me testing it. The new test includes a bunch of new functions that I have never used before (like the HTML <canvas> element) and Javascript items (I do not know a lot of JS, so I had to learn), so it took a bit of time but I finally got it all working. I will be switching the new test live but keep the old one as a backup. Users facing issues with the new test will be able to fallback on the old one in case of problems.

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