New Settler application issue: Please help!

There seems to be an issue with the new settler test, where usernames do not show up on the 2D map during the test. I have a hunch that this is issue regarding differently capitalized usernames in different parts of the system.

I did some debugging, included new notifications into the application and hope that this is fixed now.

It would be REALLY helpful if you can all try to do the new settler application and tell me if something went wrong! If this does not work 100% when we replace the old one, there will be tons of complaints from the guests in chat. On top of that, this new application is specifically designed to reduce guest complaints, confusion and ramp up the user numbers. So please help!

6 thoughts on “New Settler application issue: Please help!

  1. I am at the point where you ask to walk to my new lot, but it keeps telling me to log into the server and go to the empire, but I am already there.

    Not sure why it is getting hung up there.

  2. Tried logging in and out and trying again, but it keeps getting stuck there.

  3. Does the same for me. Newest firefox, if that matters.

  4. I cannot find my head on the map. Firefox35 and Ubuntu 14.04. Latest Flash

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