Darklands Challenge, anyone?

I have been thinking it would be fun to have a darklands challenge:
You buy a “ticket” for some Uncs (how many, that’s the question) and the system would teleport you to the darklands, but very, very far out (i.e. 200k blocks+). And your challenge would be to try to come back.

Anyone interested in that? If so I could make that, since it’s not difficult. But I would like to hear everyone’s opinion first.

22 thoughts on “Darklands Challenge, anyone?

  1. I love the idea, I wonder if it could be some type of race or something?

          • the hard part may be determining the winner, that far out it would take more than a few hrs to travel. maybe log the time spent online or something, but some people play a lot more than others, so it could cause some problems.

            • I can do that with a command. You have to be in the spawn area of the darklands to use it and you are clocked to win. Obviously this would not be “shortest time while you are online”. If you cannot play for some time, and others can, then there is your disadvantage.

              • Sounds like fun, will it drop everyone at the same spot? or will it be random, I could see fun in both ways. Teaming up or fighting, or just very hard solo survival. Either way I’m in.

                Can you keep track of how much progress we make before we die? its very possible that no one will make it alive.

                • I would think that if you want to do it alone, you just do it alone. We could have a table that shows your travel speed to set a record.

                  If you want to do it in a group, you would do so together in the same spot.

                  • good point, I keep forgetting that we don’t have to start at the same time.

                    You have me excited now. :)

  2. Great Idea for a game.

    Random spot along a circle, set amount of blocks from spawn, or same spot every time?

    • No just random cooridinates within a range I thought? Probably I let user chose the range. The further out, the cheaper it gets…. or maybe the other way round?

      • Hmmm. If this does become a race/leaderboard game, then I’d say the further out you go the cheaper it is, since obviously players closer would have an advantage.
        Maybe do it in categories?
        i.e. “Me88321 has record for 40k run at 5 hours 51 minutes!”
        “pinebenj has record for the 60k run at 11 hours 13 minutes!”
        “Daiyamondo has the record for the 200k run at 77 hours and 4 minutes!”

        • Well a 12k run in the nether at running full speed+jumping takes about 45mins-1hour. That’s just a straight line. Challenge is going to take a lot of time at 200k GL!

          • The amounts I threw out there were just for examples, I highly doubt the numbers would be that big. Maybe 20k blocks out.

  3. It could be a wonderful challenge, for weekend(s).

    However, I won’t compete for speed/whatever. It’s too random a game to compete for real. Just attempting to reach the spawn – or give up.

  4. I think it is a really cool idea.

    Rewards could be involved to recognise the scope of achievement.

    Maybe tickets for how far out you have to travel vary the reward scope as well?
    ie 20k blocks = 1k uncs
    ie 200k blocks = 15k uncs

    And make some of the curlier darklands behaviour more prevalent (like light burning players)

  5. I suggest teleport without inventory. No food, no armor, no resources. If you die, you have to start over from where you started (or quit using a command).

    • Good point! People will not be able to join if they have something in their inventory. However, if you die, you are out.

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