Hunger Game revival

AS you know, we have not used the hunger games for a while. The issue was that we always used a new world to do them, but regenerating new worlds while the server was online proved to be very difficult and often either failed or crashed the server.

So I now had a new idea how to do that differently that might be easier to do:

I can generate a worldguard region (the same system that we use for lots) that has an entry/exit flag set. This would disallow anyone who is inside to leave it (except when they die) and anyone outside to enter it. What we most likely cannot do is to shrink the region over time as we did with the other system, but still it would be a proper hunger game – in the darklands. We would pick a random spot somewhere some million blocks out and create a region, set the “no exit” flag and then, when everyone is inside and the game start, we set the “no entry” flag and we are set.

I will have to go through the code of the old system and see what we can recycle. No ETA yet, but I just tested the flags and this seems quite easy to do – much easier than the old system for sure.

7 thoughts on “Hunger Game revival

  1. Cant wait, if you need players to help test this just ask me ill help.

  2. This will be great! I’ve been missing hunger games more than I thought I would!

    Though I do have 1 question. The players who have entered the game already and are already out in the Darklands before the game official starts, would they be able to still break blocks? Or would all the players have to teleport at once?

    • Well they should not. I should be able to control that though and will try to make sure this works properly.

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