New Citizen status regulation

We had repeating cases of users who registered and never came back for months. Then, they would show up again, after having spent no time on the server at all, and become Citizen status immediately. To stop this issue and on top of that reward people who are online a lot in the first weeks after registering, we have now a new way to determine when someone becomes Settler: After they have been online, in the game, for more than 60 hours.

As before, you can see how far you are to become Settler on the sidebar Server Status box. It will show now the hours you have been online, and if you are Settler, how many more hours you need to become Citizen.

I am convinced that this is a much fairer way to determine who should get Citizen status and therefore benefit the community. Users who reached Citizen status already will not be affected by this change, only existing and new Settlers.

Newly promoted Citizen because of this scheme are:

  • stephdeg
  • kaizlin
  • allicrev
  • beau1201
  • wickedXxxxlego
  • Papa_Jynx
  • gamergirlxoxoxo


Oh, yes before I forget, the idea was from pinebenj! So if you had your upgrade delayed because of this, make sure to throw a cake a him :D

11 thoughts on “New Citizen status regulation

  1. Good idea overall, and congrats to those who got upgraded!

  2. Gratz to y’all! This seems like a much fairer way to do it, great work unc! :)

  3. Excellent…. Everything is going according to plan. Soon I will have all the cake.

    • Uh, I think he means a different way of collecting cakes.

  4. actually a great idea. Are you sure it was Pine’s?

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