The same procedure as every year

So since the time of the year is around the corner again, I would like to make some statements for the uninitiated during the festive season of looming server upgrades!

  • When will we upgrade? As soon as we can. First 1.8 has to be released. Then, all the vital systems that other people have to upgrade (spigot, plugins) have to be enabled so we can run the server with the vital functions at least. Whatever does not work then that is not 100% needed, will be disabled and enabled once it works. Then, I have to make sure that all the stuff we customized for the server works fine. Since there is this massive upgrade from usernames to UUIDs, it might take a bit longer.
  • How long will that take until it’s done? No idea. It depends on other people most of all (see bove), and on the time that I have. So don’t ask me. It’ll be done when it’s done.
  • Will you reset any worlds? Only the Darklands. Everything else will stay as it is.
  • Will there be a temp server to check out the 1. features? No. There will be no temporary server for 1.8.

10 thoughts on “The same procedure as every year

  1. Ah good old dinner for one, good stuff. As for the topic of updates, I know it is better/easier without the temp server and I am in no way suggesting we should do one, but part of me misses the good old wild west/community building that was the temp servers for the first few weeks after an update. It was good fun

    • Yeah I know, it has its advantages. But the additional work with all guests that show up there and the people who used to behave suddenly become griefers is just too much.

      • Yeah. If only there were a way to lock all but citizens and above from the temp server, and make the guests and settlers stay on the old one. With the new UUID, I fear that would be impossible.

        Totally understand why you do it Unc.

        • See, technically it’s all possible. It’s just a lot of additional work. The risk with the piston & slime machines is another issue. Someone might create machinery that we cannot control. While I work on the update, I do not want to have to worry about those things on top of it.

  2. So…I lost a huge portion of the progress I had made on my lot after the update…

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