Hunger Games status

Ok, so here is the current situation with the hunger games:

We are now using the same world over and over, but place the game area randomly. The system checks before starting the game where older games were and makes sure not to use the same area twice. We have an area of 360’0000 square kilometers (360’000’000 blocks) and since a game for 2 players only takes 70×70 blocks, it should take a while until we exhausted the space. There is an issue of course were the game might start in an ocean, but you can just stop and start a new one of you don’t like that.

What works and what does not work?

  • User rights: There was an issue where people were not allowed to use the /warp or not being able to build. I could not really identify where this comes from, but I am trying to prevent this from happening. If this still happens to you, please report that (here or in a ticket) along with the number of the game.
  • Being removed from the game: I have seen one occurance where someone has been removed from the game by being bounced back from the game border. Please try this out. I think I can fix that if it is an issue.
  • Trophies: Since we are still testing to make sure it works 100%, there are no trophies or game stats as of now. I will make those available once all the issues are fixed.

So please continue to try it out and report here if anything goes wrong!