Minecraft 1.8 upgrade notice [Update]

Please be aware that we will not be upgrading to minecraft 1.8 until we are ready to do so. You will be only able to connect to our server with MC version 1.7.10. If you upgraded, here is an instruction on how to downgrade. Further questions on the upgrade of our server are answered here.

[Update]I have tested 1.8 now and can confirm that the land generation system in 1.8 is identical to 1.7 (as announced). So there will be no benefit in regenerating the Darklands, and we will keep it as-is.[/Update]

6 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.8 upgrade notice [Update]

  1. “we will keep it as-is.” Do you mean for the time being until the server is ready to launch as 1.8, or do you mean we will not get a new darklands with 1.8?

    • So far I do not see a strong reason to start a new darklands. If someone sees this differently, I am happy to discuss.

      • Sorry, I posted my comment before I saw your reply to lilroc. So just venture out out to virgin darklands to find the new blocks. Cool, I can live with that!

  2. The only thing added to the generation was the 3 new stone types diorite, andesite, and granite, the ocean monuments and their blocks, course dirt, and red sandstone. If people go out far enough they can get these new things. In fact, they are all craftable except the stuff from ocean monuments.

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