A whole new world?

I have been thinking about the hardcore concept where you can never return to a server once you die. I thought it would be cool to have a world where you really want to be but it’s really easy to die, too. It could be a sort of Darklands, but with more mobs but also more of other goodies, made with a custom terrain. Instead of blocking you permanently in case you die, we can charge for entering instead.

Thoughts? What would you pay a thousand Uncs for to get in?

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  1. Would there be a mechanism to bring things back to empire, perhaps via deposit? Or would it just be a world to play in that is more challenging? Either way, I’d gladly pay 1000 uncs to get in.

    • Well, anything is possible, really. Deposit is one option, simply walking out is another. It all depends how we set it up to make it balanced. The question I have is mostly: What could be in there, that makes it so attractive?

  2. Good topic :)

    My 2c:

    The challenge would make it attractive, more than goodies. There’s nothing to bring back from the skyblocks, and people still go there.

    1000 uncs per entrance can be a lot.. or not much, depending on how rich you are. I have still quite fresh here (only 4 months or so) and I already have accumulated 50 kuncs. If I decided to go to this world I could easily open a credit line of 20 lives for it (I have no other project for my uncs at the moment ;p). To make the challenge to stay alive more democratic (call it “communist” if you don’t like the idea ;p), maybe a 1 week “ban” after each death would help. Maybe the penalty would increase after each death?

    I’m not sure the world in itself should be more challenging, with darkness, more mobs and stuff.. the challenge would be that you REALLY do not want to die, whereas in the rest of the worlds death in itself is painless, you only cry for lost stuff. That would drive us to do things differently than in empire/kingdom/nether/darklands.

    • All good arguments. We could just do something like that then for the darklands in the sense of 1 death = 1 day ban, every additional death it doubles or something like that.

      If the world is not different from a content wise from the darklands, there is the question open why it should be a different world. What we could do as a start would be hardcore Mondays. If you die on a monday, you are banned until Tuesday or 24 hours etc.

      • I use the darklands as a mining source and I don’t build much there because there’s no protection and a high reset probability. A lot of players may not ever come to the darklands because of that.

        The hardcore world could offer lot protections, which would in turn trigger us to build things there, just like people build things in the skyblocks.

        Oh well, enough of me for now, let others speak too :)

  3. More thoughts about a possible time penalty system:

    Time of recovery (better not use the word “ban”, that is reserved for bad behaviour) should increase after each death, but should decrease with long survival. I have no idea about how difficult this would be to code, but here’s a base waiting to be tuned:

    – Initial and minimum recovery time: 48h (2 days)
    – Each death increases recovery time by 48h.
    – Recovery time decreases by 4h every hour of online presence without dying in the harcore world, until it reaches 48h (meaning you compensate one death by surviving 12 cumulated hours).

  4. my personal opinion and this is speaking about me, no i wouldn’t pay 1000 uncs to enter not because its a bad idea but because it just isn’t something i am interested in,
    however i do know (especially from recent posts) other people are interested so yes i support the idea.

  5. I personally would avoid it like the plague – dying’s no fun as it is, and making the world harder for a simple miner like me would just horrify me. That said, for those that appreciate the challenge, it would be quite a fun thing. having an alternative to the norm is never a bad idea, if there’s a variety of things to do, it can’t be a bad thing.

    So in essence, I think it’s a good idea. I think the downtime between dying and being able to re-enter would be a good idea. i don’t think charging uncs every time you enter is a good idea. You could charge 5k or something for initial entry, like Skyblock, or 10k like Kingdom, but then allow the deaths and downtime from it to be the setback. I mentioned something in the MCMMO thread about implementing that also, and resetting the stats. You could also make it a pvp-enabled world, without plots, such as the Nether and DL, so that there is little protection. Put creeper explosions back on properly so that things get damaged. All with the understanding that griefing is still not allowed of course.

    Just a couple of ideas.

  6. I like the idea and would happily pay to enter and play. The downside of the time penalty system is it breaks up coordination between players. If a group wants to work together any deaths will demotivate the effort quickly. I would suggest a cost of entry penalty. With each death your cost to re-enter doubles resetting at some specific time, daily or weekly. I am not against the time penalty upon death. I would play either way or any combination.

  7. I would love this idea and would play as soon as it gets put up. In single player worlds all I play is Hardcore, so this would be perfect. Id love to see how it would get run, unfortunately I cant say much on the penalty and uncs systems as I am new to the server and have not really played enough to comment on the systems.

  8. I think it would be nice to have a true “hard-core” world. One with no shops, deposits, homes, exit, etc. Maybe it could be free to enter, and if you die a 3-5 day wait to re-enter. People could kill each other and grief if they want to, or form alliances and build a strong-hold.

    I like the pay to enter hard-core you speak of, but it sounds like a harder version of the DL. I think a true, no rules, “hard-core” world would really beef up the server; then we would have everything.

  9. Just making a standard world with no protections or benefits would be fantastic imo. Like Michelle said, we would really have everything. It would be isolated like skyblock is from the other worlds, without the hassles of falling off edges. :) It might be a neat social experiment at the least.

    • I like this idea, I love just strait vanilla with friends, especially with no protections at all.

      I would suggest having the world set up so that when you leave it for the other worlds and come back you arrive at the same spot you left.

      You can make this world as hard as you want, I don’t mind a penalty for being allowed entry if you die, but it needs to have a limit or someone who dies too much will never be able to come back.

      Maybe you could add the nether and the end as biomes, so you don’t have to have add worlds for it too.
      The enderdragon could spawn there regularly to allow a chance to fight it, and you could have withers spawn in special biomes too. (maybe mess with the generation of ores and mineral to give people a reason to fight?)

      • That’s another thing I was thinking, the reentry definitely needs an upper limit in regards to the penalty. Doubling fees or wait time escalates seriously quickly after even a few times. Rice on a checker board anyone?

  10. Perhaps it could be a vanilla world with access to nether and the end, as normal. The catch is, you have to be citizen or higher to use it. Just a thought

  11. 11 people replying in 24h, not bad :)

    Since it’s going in many directions, maybe it would help to sort all this in a list of main features, like this one for example:

    – Hardcore aspects
    * Uncs penalty to re-enter after death?
    * Time penalty to re-enter after death?
    * Tougher mobs?
    * Darkness?
    – Importing stuff or not to the new world?
    * If not, starting kit or tree punching?
    * shop & deposit allowed/forbidden?
    – Exporting stuff from the new world?
    * Goodies to be found in the new world?
    – Hopping between worlds
    * Should it be possible maintain activity in our regular worlds while playing the new world?
    – Protections/rules
    * Lot protections ?
    * pvp protections ?
    * if no protections, then rules or no rules?
    – Nether and End extensions?

    (only listing the features that have been mentionned in the comments so far.. there might be more ;p)

  12. How hardcore would it be? Would you have to end up disabling chests or adding expiration dates or times to items and “artificial” blocks? Because if it’s a persistent world, then having chests would just basically make it Darklands with a longer respawn time. I think the main aspect of hardcore mode would be the “lose everything” part, but balancing that with a multiplayer persistent world is gonna be tricky.

    • I think no one is considering making it really hardcore. If you can get back in with a price (uncs or patience), then it’s simili-hardcore, not the real stuff. Call it Sum41-hardcore if you want :).

      If you can’t move stuff in and out then it’s a separate world (like skyblocks), it has little to do with DL (which is mostly used for mining, ie bringing back stuff to your empire/kingdom lot).

      I did think about “losing everything”.. but I don’t think regenerating the world each time someone dies is going to be an option :).

      One option would be to make the world so tough that everyone would die pretty soon and so it wouldn’t be so hard for the early dead to wait for the world to regenerate, but that would seem very close to a hunger game with mobs in replacement of (or in addition to) pvp. Not really my cup of tea, I must say.

  13. I think it sounds intriguing! I love the idea of paying uncs to return, but not time away. I die to easily for that! Lol. (And, once I am focused on a project, I don’t like having to wait several days to go back to it.) I am horrible at pvp since I am using my mouse pad, vs an actual mouse. That would keep me from going there, almost certainly. I think it would be nice to be able to deposit items found there for use in other worlds, or use an enderchest, but not necessarily to just be able to carry things in and out or to have free use of the shop. That makes it too easy! Lot protection would be nice. The added benefit of extra goodies sounds great, too! :)

  14. An interesting idea. I use to play Hardcore mode (in solo, single games mode), and I would definitely pay 1000 Unc for entrance/re-entrance to hardcore world, if
    – it’s possible to transport inventory back and forth from it (even if that’s such hard and/or unpleasant, as in Darklands)
    – there are more ores in it

    I wouldn’t mind paying “taxes”on moving ores out of such a world. Ores are very rare; since neither iron nor diamonds are efficiently replenished (no iron farms), I personally only use tools above stone only when there’s no other choice

    • Looks like you need to start serious darkland mining :)

      • Which I did already quite some time ago. I am quite comfortable in Darklands and do not suffer from mobs/environmental hazards.

  15. now this is something new. great thinking uncovery! At last we have a challenge in here eh? haha. Love the idea! now would this be like a minecraft hardcore mode thingy? I’m not completely sure. :I

  16. I would love to play in a world like this. I would prefer having both the option of paying or waiting. Make the amount to pay go up by 100 or 200 uncs and top it out at 2500. People’s Uncs will deplete but it wont be crazy amount that keeps them from playing there. Make it a pure vanilla and turn on player head drops at like 20%?

    I would say let people bring stuff back with them as well.

    • Can we make this a 1.8 for right now and we use this as a temp server until we upgrade? That was probably the most fun I have had when we had the last coupe temp servers after an upgrade. Plus its a LOT easier to downgrade and get back on the actual server since the last time we did that was with the old launcher.

      • I like the idea of having it as a temp server right now. Don’t know if we have the means as of this moment, but bringing the saved world in as a separate World would be relatively easy. I’ve always wanted a truly vanilla experience to share with you guys.

  17. Love the idea and with the custom world generation it could make things more interesting with more dungeons and strongholds to raid and you can have just a single biome like extreme hills and have certain ores either more rare or more common. If you do do this why not have it like the darklands but where you can place torches and light producing objects but make the resources for that harder to find like the coal and sand and redstone and things like diamond, gold, iron, and lapis more common than in the rest of the server it may lower the price of each item in the shop but it allows for players who don’t have enough money to buy things like that to pay to go in the new world dig around for the more rare items and bring them back. If you decide to do that you can have it where there’s a cool down time as a penalty if they die to have the ores they mined sent to their deposit instead of losing them anything else they have they lose. The cool down time could be anywhere from 48 hours to 1 week and I would gladly vote a lot to get the uncs to go mine in there. And for those that go together could try to make like a party system or something for it.

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