Update to the minecart plugin!

Floored kindly provided an update:

- Elevator blocks (red wool) functioning.  Now 100% suffocation free, if you remember how MCM worked.
- Empty cart timeout.  Any carts left unattended for over 10 seconds will be towed... Into oblivion.
- Control blocks on curves are working properly.

Please test and give him a hug!

6 thoughts on “Update to the minecart plugin!

  1. Thanks Floored!

    Also, I am pleased to announce that I will be restarting the Empire Subway Project soon.

    Keep an eye on the forums for details.


    • !!!

      I think my portion still works, but count me in as a supporter of this, again.

  2. Is posting here preferred, or an in game ticket for issues?

    Anyway, in the nether, too many carts are spawned (like somewhere in the 5-8 range) and you have to choose your direction in reverse when trying to launch North. This is not an urgent thing. The red wool working again is the best thing ever.

  3. I also have noticed that when spawned on an inclined track the minecart appear in diagonal and lower than usual.. just a small cosmetic almost-non-problem. Otherwise, the inclined track trick works wonderfully to avoid the necessary push.

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