Changing names (important)

Since you can change usernames now, please be aware that this will wipe your inventory, XP and enderchests. If you want to avoid issues, please empty your enderchests and personal inventory before changing the username. Everything else should work fine. If you have troubles in other issues, please submit a ticket.


13 thoughts on “Changing names (important)

  1. Would it be too much trouble to have a temporary title displaying the former name? So if the player doesn’t have a vanity it displays their former name for, say a month, next to their updated name?

    If the vanity code makes that too much trouble, the former name, or names, should be displayed in the users information under the /who command.

    This would clear up confusion and keep global chat quieter. I can foresee many settlers changing their name to confuse their buddies and posting about it.

    And thank you for allowing this and giving warning to possible losses,

    You Rock, Unc!

    (I’m changing my name asap) :)

      • On the Help forum Purelyme stated they couldn’t log on after changing their name.

        Is WordPress a conflicting factor? It currently isn’t possible to change your WordPress username. You would have to sign in to WordPress as the original username which wouldn’t be communicable with the Mojang website.

        Just a thought.

        • I did not see that post. I need to look at that.

          1) Yes, it’s impossible to change your username, and you do not need to.
          2) When you change your MC name, you are not supposed to change your username to login, your display name is changed automatically however.
          3) Your MC username is only checked by wordpress when you register, not after that anymore.

          We would only have an issue if someone registers today with JohnDoe, then changes it to something else, and then someone else get’s that name and also tries to register here. The system would require the second user to use JohnDoe, but complain that the user already exists. I need to fix that someday, but it’s not something that will happen a lot.

  2. To avoid the confusion, it would be nice if all that change their name declare it in one of the posts around here, so that we have a place where to check for that.

    • I have a tool that can check the user name history of any user and I can include that into the /who and on the website.

  3. Hi, this is Will_Larson. I changed my name to Precept earlier today (I’m not sure what it will show up as on the website).

    When I logged on to the server after I had changed my name, neither my inventory nor my experience had reset. I assume that’s a good thing! I hope it stays that way, and it wasn’t a one-time thing. I just thought I would let you know.

    • It depends what world you last logged out from. If you have your important stuff (inventory, ender chest) in the empire, but logout in the flatlands, it fails. If you logout where you have your important stuff, it will most likely work fine.

  4. Yeah, I just changed my name to jonno, and I can’t log in to the server either….

    • So this is an issue with Mojang, For anyone else having issues, please make sure you give the error message,

      • Hooray Mojang. lol.

        I gave it an hour, still cant verify my user name. Time for bed. Will try again tomorrow.

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