Fixing the system for changed usernames – Part 1

I have identified an issue in the system coming from the changed usernames: When you are on the website, your username is actually your old username (the one you originally whitelisted with). I wrote code that makes the website display your current minecraft username instead when you post a comment for example.

The issue is that so far every time the website displayed your information, it looked for your original username in the database, not the current one. I went now through the code and tried to fix all the places where it does that.

That’s the first step in fixing the whole issue with changed usernames. Next up (provided that the above worked) is the lot reset. I did already substantial work for a new process to reset the lots. Nothing will change for the users, just the way the code works. I will need to test that however, otherwise I will spend a couple of days reloading stuff from backups :)

11 thoughts on “Fixing the system for changed usernames – Part 1

    • Thanks for the report. I just changed the username for one of my secondary accounts to test this better. More fixes to come…

      • No problem.
        I checked around the rest of the site, only found 2 more things.

        When going to the user’s page, it posts this error.,tUEt0jw#0

        And the Vote for Users page similarly says I cannot vote as I am not a Designer or above, shown here.,tUEt0jw#1

        Everything else seems in place as far as I know. :) No ill effects in game to the best of my knowledge.

        • Thanks for the report. I am working on fixing it. Reloading the website every minute only causes me to get an error about this every minute btw. Please be patient while I fix it.

  1. Thanks for doing all of this, we all appreciate it. The only issue I have encountered so far is on the lot manager page (Which has been working much better for me, thank you)

    On the world tabs, where it will say for example: Syblock (Lots owned/Lots available/Dibs), the tab is telling me that I have lots available in all the worlds, even in the Empire, Skyblock, and Aether where new lots are not available to me at this level. I am not able to claim a lot, so it appears that it is just a text issue. I hope this makes sense, thank you for all of your hard work so far!

  2. Lots reset – I hope that doesn’t mean obliterating all the existing lots?

    I was just about to change the Minecraft username…

  3. This is truly puzzling, since the website remembers original usernames that are white-listed EVEN IF the user changes their username at Mojang, and then creates a new WordPress account.

    Why is that? Is this affecting all users who want to get a new plot of land under a changed name?

    • You don’t create a new wordpress account. And I believe it links to the WWID (number recognized by minecraft) thing, not your user name.

    • A) the website does not remember anything. Your WordPress account stays the same even when you change your username in minecraft. Only your displayname is changed.

      B) The whitelist is based on your uuid, a long code that identifies the acciunt holder, no matter what username.

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