Fixing the system for chaged usernames – Part 2

The biggest piece still missing here is the lot reset. Good news is that I made some significant advances here. That means I have a system running where all the annyoing code changes seem to be done. What I have to do now is to test the different scenarios under which a lot can be reset and what happens if someone put a reservation on it.

As a first step, I will reset those lots that can be reset without acting on reservations, those are the most frequent anyhow and the safest to do.

The whole lot reset process can only run when the server is down. And I need to run tests carefully so I do not need to restore lots from backups and lot ownerships on top of that. So this whole process might take a couple of days. But at least we can see some progress now. Sorry again for the delays. I really had hopes to do this faster. The main issue I had was first of all that now since I am a father, most of my free time at home is spent with the baby. And then, most surplus time in the office was eaten up recently with some urgent project.

While I will be travelling most of march, I hope that I can get some stuff done and that we can see a step by step normalization of the lot reset process.

10 thoughts on “Fixing the system for chaged usernames – Part 2

  1. As always thanks Unc for the dedication you give to your server so that all of us can enjoy. There are not many servers around that are so family like. And I think of everyone here as my extended family.

  2. We appreciate all the time you put into this server. Thank you Unc!

  3. No worries at all Unc. That baby should be 1st thru 99th priority before us. We understand.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    • Hopefully in 15 years he can take over the server and you can come down and play with us..

  4. Happy traveling and thanks for all your efforts!

  5. I wish I wouldn’t have changed my name because I don’t want to be the cause of any trouble.. You can play with the reset process with my lot EMP_AF_28 if you’d like; I am not attached to it, and wouldn’t mind loosing it.

  6. Loving all your efforts unc! Baby comes first though. :) We’re behind ya!

  7. RL stuff comes first, you are doing a great job, and we all appreciate all the hard work you do. No need to be sorry. :) I’m sure that baby is getting bigger by the second, try not to miss a day, they grow up so fast, mine are 21 and 18 (at the end of the month).

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