13 thoughts on “Building on top of the nether – don’t do it.

  1. Does the plugin to allow ownership of lots allow you to do perms based on height limit? If so, could that be utilized in the Nether?

  2. Given my limited knowledge of worldguard I think it’s possible to select a region and protect it. You could do that from the top layer of bedrock up and for some number of blocks (only a few would be needed to prevent stack jumping) away from spawn. It wouldn’t stop people from getting up there, but they wouldn’t be able to do anything. Or even go a few layers below the top bedrock, there’s no reason to go that high except looking for a spot to try getting through. I forget the selection command that moves the selection out, but i think it’s extend or expand. Example: //extend west 1000000

    • I tried to create a very large region, does not work. There is a max size limit. But I found someone who wrote small plugin to fix it, will be installed eventually.

      • I have never tried to create a region as large as I was suggesting, but I do use an additional plugin called AsyncWorldEdit and it works with large regions for me. It breaks them up into multiple operations. The largest region I’ve ever used is around 350x350x150 so that’s nowhere near what you’d need though.

        I would write a plugin if I knew what to do, but I just recently switched from the CanaryMod server where I was learning to write plugins to the bukkit server, and I haven’t written any plugins for bukkit yet, nor have I even tried to find the appropriate documentation.

        Also, I’m only running a server to learn about plugins and to fool around with op level stuff. Oh, and so my son can do things like command blocks that teleport me into the void. That’s fun.

        • Here is a source code someone has made, if you can make that into a plugin it would be nice!


          I am not good at Java so I can only guess what it does.
          What needs to be changed most likely here is the “world_nether”. Our Nether is called “nether” and nothing else, probably the best would be to do all the world name handling by a config file instead of the guessing, same in line 22

          • I have copied that example, and just from looking at it briefly, it appears to check any time a player moves, then if they’re above level 127 and in the nether, they are placed at nether spawn. I think this is a good way to handle this, with the exception of the event (player move) which seems like it could be an expensive operation to monitor. If there’s something like checking every time a player teleports, I think that would be better, but I don’t know if that exists.

            No guarantee I can build a plugin, but if I can I will.

            Also, Sleeping_Owl pointed out that my idea above (preventing block breaking at the nether ceiling) would prevent beacons from being used and I wouldn’t want that.

              • I have a working plugin (tested on my own spigot server) and I’ll send you a link to the jar file. It uses the player move event. When I tried the player teleport event it produced really bad behavior, but it’s possible that I did something to implement that event wrong.

                I renamed the “world_nether” to just “nether” after testing it since my world’s name was “world_nether.” It is not configuration file based, but when i figure out how to do that I will update it.

                • Also, on my server there is no spawn defined for the nether, it just puts me at 0,0,0 and I fall. On your server I expect it to put the player at the nether spawn.

  3. A bit of what I just posted is confusing. Extending up from bedrock a few blocks would prevent stack jumping. Out from spawn some large number was the other part of what I meant.

    • I agree. If only you could make the block above nether bedrock protected (I believe it’s y129), then there wouldn’t be any problem with people building there.

  4. I can probably ask a good friend of mine to make one for you. It will only take a few mins. Just let me know.

    • Thanks a lot! For now, I have some source code which is supposed to do that, see above. Let’s see if HylandQuidclan can do anything with that first.

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