• darthandrew1 is kindly helping me to fix some of the HTML and the CSS on the website. First improvements are some fixes you won’t see so much and small improvements on the text readability of the 2D map. This is still in progress and we will see more stuff later
  • I found a nice way how to make the lot selection on the settler test a bit more visible.
  • Hunger games are open for testing again. Please try and tell me if something does not work as expected. Trophies won’t be given out so far.
  • I fixed a quite serious bug where users could take the settler test twice and get two lots in the empire as settlers. I notified the 7-8 users who have several lots now and asked them to tell me which one they want to abandon. If I do not get a reply from them, I will remove them from one of the lots manually.

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  1. Hunger Games is looking mighty becoming, Unc. Thanks!

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