Introducing: Hardcore Game!

I just finished the first version of a new game on the server. Thanks to stephdeg for the proposal!

Hardcore Game!

What does it do?

  • You play minecraft – as vanilla as it gets – and try to survive as long as possible.
  • You are in a separate world (deathlands) and cannot take anything back to the empire etc. This is about survival, not building.
  • You cannot leave the world once entered. You can log off the server and log back on, but the only way out is to die.
  • PVP is on, except for a 200×200 square at spawn.
  • If you die, you are out, and cannot go back until game restart.
  • One game lasts a week. At a certain day of the week, the map is deleted, your inventory is gone, your score is reset.
  • You make points by committing diamond blocks. One diamond block is worth 100 points. If you commit a block, it’s gone and you get the score credited.
  • The person with the highest score at the end of the week wins the round.

What will come?

  • We can decide on more blocks that can be committed – and their value.
  • This is a test to see everything is as expected. Once we confirm, we set a day of the week for the reset.
  • A web interface for score tracking

How do you do it?

  • Warp to the new world with /hardcore start
  • Get the current score with /hardcore score
  • Commit a diamond block with /hardcore commit while holding a diamond block
    ATTENTION: This will take ALL diamond blocks out of your inventory!

What can you do?

  • Try it, and tell me if everything works
  • Make proposals for improvements

31 thoughts on “Introducing: Hardcore Game!

  1. u may already know this, but it says its down for maintenance.

  2. How about everybody is in disguise mode, so no names above them.

    • The “/dis” command is allowed for the moment, so you can use it at will.

      It auto-undisguises upon log-off/on, but you get a warning message that will remind you to re-/dis if you wish to do so.

  3. You would all loose, I’m the diamond blood hound !!!!!!

  4. What are Minecraft difficulty settings for that game? Sounds interesting to try and dedicate a week to.

  5. I suggest there be a large prize for winning. Even better, add teams. The only problem is that a player could log off for 5 days after joining and be in second place.

  6. I think If I understand, the score is based on how many diamond blocks you commit, not how long you last.

  7. Wow that was fast, thanks Unc :)

    Not being able to alternated between the hardcore world and the main worlds might be a repellant, but I’m going in for testing later today!

    Besides.. my initial proposal to Unc was to make it ultra-hardcore, meaning no natural regenerations, golden apples and potions only (which is what I’ve been playing lately).

      • I thought you’d know since you do that once a week in DL already.

        • yeah the issue is that how I do it in the DL is done by in-game commands, how I do it permanently is with worldguard config settings.
          Also, I am not 100% sure how you define “ultra” :)

          • I just mean “no regeneration of health by filling up the hunger bar”.

            You only eat to avoid starving and lose more health, but eat natural food won’t help at all health generation.

            In a world without nether and therefore without potions, that means caving for gold and making golden apples, 8 gold ingots + 1 apple -> +2 hearts.

      • If that is of any help, I found this on the mc wiki:

        “To play on Ultra Hardcore, you must first create a Hardcore world. Once the world has finished generating, open the pause menu, click the open to LAN option, and turn on the allow Cheats option, before clicking the “Start LAN World” button. Once this is done, exit the menu and enter the following command into the chatbox: /gamerule naturalRegeneration false. Once you have completed these steps, save and exit to the title screen, before returning to the game. Now you have successfully created your own Ultra Hardcore world.”


  8. I agree with stephdeg. Not being able to alternate is a turn-off for me, since I want to build instead of doing hardcore for a whole week.

    I suggest bringing it down to an event, like once a month, for only 2 days, and it has to be a weekend. I think that would make it much more fun.

    As for some modifications, here are my ideas…

    -emerald blocks should be worth twice as much as diamond blocks.
    -emerald and diamond ores should be worth twice as much as a block, since obtaining a silk pick will be very difficult.

    -Killing a player negates you 50 points, so you better already have committed a block. This will discourage a hunger-games occurrence, where there is a killing spree right at the get-go. If a player gets to negative 200 points they will be struck by lightning, taking off 50% of that players health. (The points are arbitrary, based off of the block scores.)

    -As darthandrew1 pointed out: teams is a possibility- through commands. Just like lot permissions, somebody could name a team and have others join. The teammates should also be immune to friendly damage, but that’s not necessary.

    Oh, and what are the prizes going to be for winning?

    • Points for killing is a technical challenge.
      Groups is a huge effort.
      Pausing the game is something I want to do, I need to check how to execute it.

      Events can be run anyhow.

    • I’m not sure about the intense 2 days thing.. it would better be open for all styles of game times, as the server globally is.

      I am almost always playing in the family living-room and therefore:
      – likely to log-off at anytime
      – unlikely to use TS
      – unlikely to playing intensively during a whole week-end like I would have done when I was single ;p

      • Anyway, since we’re bound to have many resets, various formulas can be tried and room be made for various forms of gaming :)

  9. A suggestion for adding some diversity (and strategy) to the gameplay:

    Make it possible to commit blocks that don’t give any points in themselves but instead gives a bonus to the diamond blocks committed afterwards. This could be brick blocks (I suggest that because they are non-renewable, kind of tricky to achieve, and getting them is something quite different from mining diamonds. Each block could give a bonus of 1 point per diamond block. This would mean that if you commit for example 137 brick blocks then each diamond block that you commit after this will give you 237 points.

    (I have never mined a whole lot of clay myself, so I don’t really know how hard or easy it is. The bonus per block may be adjusted if necessary).

    Do people think this would be an interesting mechanic? And would it be reasonably easy to code?

    • Bricks/Clay is a good idea because it’s mostly on the surface, while diamond can be relatively safely mined at level 11.

      Actually instead of counting diamonds blocks, we might have a list of items to commit:
      – Diamond blocks
      – Emerald blocks
      – Brick blocks
      – Melon blocks
      – Name tags
      – …

      The players could then be ranked with the following criteria:
      1) Number of items committed at least once
      2) Number of items committed at least twice

      Example of scoring:
      10000 x nb of items committed at least once + 100 x nb of items committed at least twice + nb of items committed at least 3 times + 0,01 x nb of items commited at least 4 times.

      The idea being that diversity primes over quantity.

  10. Whit that model the importance of quantity is pretty much null. I think the most interesting would be a concept where both quantity and diversity is important. How about this:

    Keep diamond blocks as the primary objective with a base value of 100 points apiece. Then have a bunch of things which can increase the value of diamond blocks. Sorted in 4 tiers depending on how hard they are to obtain.

    Tier 1 gives:
    1 extra point for 1 item, 2 for 16, and 3 for 256
    Difficulty level: potato

    Tier 2 gives:
    3 extra points for 1 item 6 for 8, and 9 for 64
    Difficulty level: ender pearl

    Tier 3 gives:
    9 extra points for 1 item, 18 for 4, and 27 for 16
    Difficulty level: pufferfish

    Tier 4 gives:
    27 extra points for 1 item, 54 for 2, and 81 for 4
    This should probably just be nametags and saddles.

    Then it’s up to each player what’s worth the effort and what’s not.

      • Well, I don’t know anything about programming I must admit :P

        I suspect though that it would basically be about getting one relatively short piece of code done and then repeat it a bunch of times with the right numbers put in. But maybe I’m way off on that assumption…

        Anyway, what do you think about my first idea – the one with just brick blocks?

    • Thanks for your comments, Svend.

      With my model the importance of the quantity of the item you commit the most is pretty much null, yes.

      The quantity of the item you commit the less is the key. In other words, if you want to do quantity.. do it for all required items.

      My idea is that to win this you have to do it all, climb mountains, wade in rivers, explore mineshafts.. not just mine diamonds at lvl 11 (away from mobs) and that’s it.

      Anyway given Unc’s reaction, this whole discussion might be moot.. I’m not coding any of this ;p.

      • deposit as many unique items as possible is relatively easy. I do not even understand the logic sven described up there, so I doubt I will be able to convert it into code :)

        • Are you referring to my first idea ore the second one? My first idea should be fairly simple (at lest I think so), but perhaps I phrased it awkwardly, so let me try again:

          The idea is to commit brick blocks in order to increase the value of the diamond blocks you commit. For example, if you commit 50 brick blocks then each diamond block will give you 150 points (100 + 50), or if you commit 200 brick blocks then each diamond block will give you 300 points (100 + 200).

          Initially I suggested that the value of each diamond block should be affected by only the brick blocks already committed before the diamond block in question, but I guess it would be easier to program if all brick blocks are to affect all diamond blocks, no matter what order they are committed in.

          My second idea is probably too complex to be practical. I might have gone a bit overboard there :P

  11. Prize suggestion: some multiplier of the number of diamond blocks committed would be given to the winner (in their empire deposit).

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