Options for “pausing” a hardcore game

I fully understand that people would want to be able to pause a hardcore game and I would like to enable it. The question is how. There are issues of practicability and also of effort required to do it. So here are the options:

  1. You can exit the deathlands when you are in the spawn-area. There would not be a portal (since I cannot rebuild it every week) but a command that checks where you are. Effort: Small. Practicability: Limited. You would have to come back to the center each time.
  2. You can exit the deathlands wherever, by command. When you re-enter, it will teleport you back to the place you were. Effort: I am not even sure it’s possible. There is a risk that it would teleport you always to the surface. I can try surely and see how it works. Also, this version would require to check for your health. I don’t want people to bail on a fight. Practicability: 100% – if possible.

So what I will do now is to implement version 1) since version 2) would require 1) to be in place anyhow (i.e. a command). Let’s see how that works and then see if version 2) is needed and possible.

6 thoughts on “Options for “pausing” a hardcore game

  1. To prevent option 2) as safe belt in case of battle/whatever, it may be accompanied by player losing all their inventory (dropping them, actually – whoever finds them, takes them).

    That could somewhat balance “leave from battle” scenario. If someone wishes to pause, let them be in a safe place, remove all inventory and then teleport out with command.

    Also, teleport command shouldn’t be possible more frequently than, say, once an hour.

    • a) Emptying the inv. is very tricky. I cannot make people drop the stuff. I can only wipe it. b) anything like a timer is also very work-intensive. So I rather just check that the health is high (80% or so) and otherwise disable the command.

  2. Some thoughts about PVP in our hardcore world:

    – As it is not a RT synchronised event, people will always be able to log off from a battle anyway, whatever level of health. Battle log-offs are frowned upon in hardcore worlds, but here you can’t prevent it, because there will always be real life situations interfering (at least for me ;p).

    – You can be fleeing a battle and still have health higher than 80%.

    – If we ever make this ultra-hardcore (as I think we should ;p), then you can be at 3 hearts left of health for a long time before you manage to make golden apples/potions, without being engaged in any fight.

    – Some people might not be willing to fight.. if you corner them into fighting anyway they will not play. Alley suggested a penalty for each kill, for example.. :).

    – If we go ultra-hardcore, then even if the other party logs off or flees, at least you have the satisfaction to have injured him, as hearts will not be free.

    – One solution to the problem might be to have a scheduled end of game “meet-up” before the reset, in which all survivors are tp’ed in a closed or very small zone and sort it out.

    – I am sceptical about alliances, I think it’s better if each player has the same chances.. I would prefer to ask for no alliance, no material/information exchange. Only form of cooperation would be truce (people seeing eachother not fighting).

    Otherwise, at first option 1 seems like a pain, but it also has an interesting kick to it: it kind of forces players to stay relatively close to spawn and therefore increases players meetings so maybe it’s not all that bad in the end :).

    • I think I just did ultra-hardcore. I disabled health-regain. Please check if it works and tell me if there is anything else that needs to be done to do ultra-hardcore.

      • I took a jump and sacrificied half a heart of my health on the hotel of science (I’ll probably lose more later for much more shameful reasons).. and it did not regenerate, so it seems we have a functionnal ultra-hardcore world :)

        Watch your steps, turn up the volume for skellie sounds and look out for gold!

        Note: if people find it too difficult, then we might alternate regen-hardcore/ultra-hardcore.

        Thanks anyway for setting this up so fast for us to test.

  3. I think it makes more sense to have to travel back to the spawn in order to leave the Deathlands. It gives a more vanilla feel to it instead of teleporting, and also gives Unc a break instead of working out the second idea. :)

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