Hardcore exit at spawn now possible

You can now type /hardcore exit at the spawn area (100 blocks away form the center) and it will teleport you to spawn. You can then enter the deathlands again with /hardcore start.

If you die and therefore exit the deathlands that way, you cannot go in until the next reset.

I also reset all users that did not have committed blocks yet, so they can try again.

11 thoughts on “Hardcore exit at spawn now possible

  1. Just one more thought about the user reset for people who have not committed blocks:

    I could very well use this at my advantage because I’ve been pretty unlucky with diamonds so I haven’t committed any blocks yet.. but on the other side I’ve advanced in many other aspects (*) and IMO it would spoil the UHC concept if I could respawn, come back to my stuff and keep on playing after dying.

    I could also very well pile up diamonds in a stash and wait till the last moment to commit them.

    My suggestion: if there’s any reset needed, reset players that die before 1h of playing in the UHC world. And only once, if possible (because it still might be an efficient strategy to die/respawn every hour and walk back to your base).

    If all that is complicated.. then death = “gg, see you next week”.

    (*): For example, I have a skellie spawner set into a rudimentary xp/bows/arrows/bones farm. Note that I’m sharing this info only because this is a test world :).

    • Do I understand this correctly? As long as I do not commit diamond blocks to Unc I do not have to worry about dying for I can re-enter hardcore again? Playing the part of spoiler is possible in that I can suit up with armor, make boss weapons and hunt down all the other players with nothing to lose but my personal inventory? If I die I simply “/hardcore start” and begin again?

      • No, that’s not the case. You cannot get back in until the next reset. I allowed that only once.

      • That’s a feature I’m not gonna test (although I have not commited blocks yet).

        At least not willingly :)

      • That makes me think about the general no-grief rule on this server.. I really think it should not apply to the Deathlands and it should be mentionned in the documentation to avoid big disappointments.

        Of course things like offensive or political messages are still banned, but otherwise any block breaking, block filling, crop trashing, cattle and chicken killings should be valid game.

        • Exactly as you describe it. There is no “property’ in the deathlands. There is “good behavior”, though. Except for killing each other. Do it politely, please.

    • I just made the mental connection to what you said about “anything left behind.” I’ve been putting my stuff in chests to hold it in case I die. Duh. I will start carrying those items I don’t want vanishing.

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