1.9 Upgrade process

Since we are talking about 1.9 already (see previous blog post), here some preliminary announcement of what will probably (and more specifically, what will probably NOT) happen:

  • The new version does not seem to have any significant block or biome additions except for the end. Therefore, we will not reset any worlds for this upgrade. If you want a world to be reset, you can as always ask for that in the forum, but that will have nothing to do with the 1.9 release. Unless the news comes out that there is some significant biome changes, I highly doubt there will be any good reason for a reset.
  • We will not have any temporary servers for 1.9. Once minecraft upgrades to 1.9, it will be your responsibility to downgrade to 1.8.* until our server can handle 1.9 version clients. Here is a manual on how to do that.
  • We will upgrade as soon as possible. As usual, this will take some time until the server software upgrades, the required plugins upgrade and until I have the time to actually do the upgrade and to make sure nothing breaks. I cannot control really how long this takes, but please rest assured I will do everything I can to do it as soon as possible.

If there are any other questions, please ask here.

16 thoughts on “1.9 Upgrade process

  1. I’d be willing to temporarily upgrade the plugins until they have official updates. Most of them should work with 1.9, but the only problem I’m seeing at the moment is the entity checker, if that checks for paintings and etc.

    Spigot 1.9 will also be great for the developers, we’ll get a BossBar API, Particle API, and more. I’m most excited about those two.

    But yeah, if you’d like me to go through and individually test each plugin on a private server, I can do it for you. The plugins shouldn’t need much upgrading.

    • Sorry if I put my doubts here but I do not see how you would be upgrading plugins like worldguard or others faster than the community supporting them.

      • It’s really not that hard.. Decompile, open Eclipse, check for breaking errors/bugs, fix, export.

        • Sure, if it’s THAT easy, please let me know if you find out if
          – worldguard
          – websend & WSEvents
          – worldedit
          – permissionsEX
          – multiverse-core
          – multiverse-inventory
          – TuxTwoLib
          – RateOfXray
          – dynmap
          – Essentials/EssentialsX, EssentialsSpawn
          – BringBackTheEnd
          – WorldBorder
          – Modifyworld
          – Multiverse-Portals
          – Multiverse-NetherPortals
          – Vault,
          – BloodMoon (even the current version if broken, no need to wait for 1.9 to fix it)
          – LogOres, LogBlock,
          – Herochat, PurpleIRC

          work fine with 1.9.
          Once you fix them, please submit the code changes to their authors and put downloadable Java 1.8 compiled JAR link up somewhere.

          Btw, any progress on this here? https://github.com/uncovery/uncovery_me/issues/189?
          If fixing all these plugins is no issue at all, finding and implementing that command should be a matter of minutes.

          • Why do you have to be so rude? I am legitimately trying to contribute to the server by helping us get the new spigot version working and you’re blowing me off. I obviously can’t check if they’ll work right now, because Spigot hasnt released 1.9 yet.

            • Sorry, I don’t mean to be, but your argument irritates me. I know how much we have been waiting in the past for plugins to be upgraded along with thousands of other servers. Those plugins are sometimes highly complex and some are closed source and have obscured code. Admittedly, I don’t know anything about Java. But I have seen how it worked over the last years and how often plugins simply died with new minecraft version (remember minecart mania?) because nobody actually did take the time to fix it, no matter how simple it might have been. I am trying to manage user expectations here by describing my past experience and you come in and essentially tell me not to whine about this stuff because you can do it all in 5 minutes. On the other hand, apart from your actually valuable bug reports, I have yet to see you contribute something that requires more than 30 minutes of work that I do not have to do some major fixes to.

              Don’t get me wrong, I know how complex the stuff is and that anyone with any high level of expertise will take time to get into it and produce something more complex, but that is exactly the reason why I start to cringe at “oh its so easy, I can do that in 5 minutes” type of comments.

              I also procrastinate a lot of stuff not because its hard but tedious. So again, saying its easy to update those plugins might be even correct for 1.9, but still, sitting down and doing it for 25 of them is not done in 5 minutes.

              I am sure you mean well. But there’s no need to go around and tell people how easy and quick everything is. By simply offering help and then also doing it you will get a much friendlier reply. Or by making bug reports that describe the problem in a way I can trace it back instead of just posting one-phrase “x does not work” issues.

              • Alright. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’d still be willing to upgrade these plugins once Spigot 1.9 comes out.

  2. On a different note, I assume that you really meant downgrading to 1.8.9, or to 1.8.x if they ever release one last version before the first 1.9.

  3. Darn… I yearn for another temporary server! Aahaha, those were always the best memories I have of the Uncovery server– when everyone was in a small vicinity, all living together. It really gives everyone a chance to meet and get a better understanding of who is in the community. If there could only be a significant block change! Until then.

    • There was a bit of that in the ultra hardcore world (Deathlands), except that there was also allowed pvp, griefing and stealing in that world, which probably discouraged many people from entering.

      Still, I managed some pacific encounters there, and it was refreshing to be in an almost pure vanila world, without lots and stuff.

      Maybe if we softened that concept, taking out the pvp (maybe just in writing would be enough) then people would go back there.

      • Mmmm… yes, yes! The Deathlands seems to be dead content right now, pun intended. But I’m not sure that it would work if it wasn’t a temporary server. We all already have our bases and a million things to do– nobody would make time to visit this utopia. With the temporary server, it took away all of our distractions on the real map and made us focus on just having pure fun with no commitment.

        • Yeah, the temp server was pretty amazing. So much fun as we all built together and just worked on the spawn area and helping each other out. So great.

        • Well the Deathlands were supposed to be temporary too, and automatically reset periodically, in exchange of what all deaths would be terminal until the next reset. Right now you can die and come back, which affects the concept of hardcore survival (death/come back can be used to reload health without precious golden apples).

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