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On holidays!

After having 2 quite stressful weeks at the office, I am finally off for summer holidays from tomorrow on. Expect some more diving pictures once I am back!

If there are any issues, do not hesitate to send me a mail, I will be reading them. If there is something urgent I will be fixing it, otherwise it might take a while.

New Forum sidebar, please comment

I created a new forum sidebar in which we group new replies by post instead of just listing it by post title. The advantage is that you get a better picture how old the posts are and that there is less to read since it does not repeat the post title for every reply.

The disadvantage is that you have it a bit harder to find the latest replies across several posts since they will be further down in the list.

There is an open question if we should limit the list. Currently I list the latest 20 posts and their replies.

New code for file downloads

I have just implemented a new process to download larger amount of files from the same source. Before we used to simply loop through single download processes. This was not ideal in terms of performance and also I would get spammed with tons of errors if something went wrong.

We use these for the user icons and for the block icons in the shop manager. Now we start one process, pipe all the the urls into it and then process them in one go.


  • It’s closer to best-practice coding standards
  • it’s friendlier to the server where we pull the data from
  • we know get 100% of our user icons from our own server once the user sees them, so it’s faster and more reliable. We used to pull them partly from external server
  • I found some other bugs along the way and fixed those
  • I get less but more meaningful errors from the system in case the external source of the data fails.

By the way, I won’t be online for the coming 3 days a lot, so if you need something, please submit a ticket or send an email.

Custom Forum widget!

I have just completed our own custom forum widget (the elements on the sidebar). The issue with those that are offered with the forum are that they either show new posts or new replies to posts, but not both. In the past, users posted something and then immediately replied to their own post in order to make it visible on the frontpage since I was showing only the replies widget in the past. Showing both was also not really ideal since posts and their replies would have been shown in 2 different sections then.

So I have created one that shows both posts and their replies together. I hope this makes everyone’s life a bit easier.

Guests can now warp to lots

I have now enabled the command

/lot warp <lot>

for guests. The command cannot be used by settlers of course. It teleports guest exactly into the center of the chosen lot. The idea of course is to make it easier and less frustrating for new users to become settlers.

Minecarts re-enabled, but not for mobs!

It seems the minecart system is causing crashes when mobs using it. So we now disabled the functionality when mobs are riding it. This means that a mob entering a minecart will not be able to use any of the woolblock functions.

Sorry about this, but it seems to be a major complicator to safely enable mobs for now. We will let you know if there is any change to that.

Minecarts temp. disabled!

There is an issue somewhere around (World: kingdom X: 2443 Y: 12 Z: -425) with the minecart system. I tried to reset some of the area to the most recent backup but it did not help. So either the issue is older than that or there is a fundamental issue with the minecart plugin. Unfortunately it’s very late for me (1:15 am) so I do not have the energy to now unpack an older backup and test (it’s gigabytes large and takes a while) so I resorted to disable the plugin for now.

We will see if we can either revert the area or fix the plugin to not crash the server over the weekend. Please stand by until then.

Small info regarding mob spawners

Please note that the mob spawners only revert to aggressive mobs once a passive mob tries to spawn from the spawner. If you had a spawner that never spawned any of the mobs you selected with a spawn egg, there is a chance that it will stay like that until you create the conditions that this passive mob would actually spawn, and then it will revert to aggressive mobs.