New features in 1.9

I found a nice list of the New features in 1.9 and thought I’d share.

The new 128 strongholds per world are interesting and bring up the discussion of a potential darklands reset since they only appear in newly generated land. Opinions?

The new end format also raises the question if we want to have end lots?

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  1. My gosh… New Darklands. This could be another temp server as we wait for the plugins to update. Perhaps that’s wishful thinking and flatout unnecessary, but I really think temporary server bring everyone together. It gives people a chance to really talk and interact with people they’re previously not had the chance to. With people spread across numerous worlds in Uncovery, it’s difficult to make friends with people if you’re just giving the the occasional, “Hey So-and-So!”, when they enter the server. It gives the community a great chance to interact… that, and I’m a huge fanatic when it comes to temp servers. My favorite memories were from a previous one, and when I think of the Uncovery community all close-knit, it warms my delicate heart. :)

    But this is only my voice. If there is a possibility for a temp server, only if it’s necessary, I’m all for it! That’s be wicked cool! Aahaha.

    For a reset of the Darklands, I’d be for that. But again, that’s my voice. I know that people have such incredible structures in the DLs while I may just have a few signs… It’s unfair for someone like me, with no commitment to the DLs speak of resetting.

    • DL was already reset not so long ago.. so we (I’m part of them) knew all along that there was a risk of losing the stuff.

      On my part, I would only kindly ask for a delayed notice so that we can collect some pistons, hoppers, glowstone and lamps.

      On the other hand, I wonder if the 3 strongholds have been visited in the current DL :)

    • I also wonder what can be found in a stronghold that can’t be crafted today (appart from a silverfish spawner).

  2. New Darklands would be great, Rebuilding is good for the mind. This last darkland spawn was kind of flat, meaning this dk spawn build never took off like in the past. So a fresh start could bring great things.

  3. I’ve held off a farm in the DL hoping for a reset so I’m all for it! A little notice as said above would be great tho.

  4. Does DL reset mean a nether reset? If not, will the existing portals link up to the new DL? Never been through a DL reset, so I’m not sure how it works.

    • No, the nether is 100% independent and we won’t touch the nether. If we reset the DL, all portals in the nether would still exist and entering the portals there would bring you to the same coordinates but in a newly generated darklands.

  5. iam good with either one. If dl is reset just need a notice to get somethings. in nether is reset same thing. Its always a chance for reset been holding off any builds in case of reset.

  6. Now the end lots i dont know if that would be good. There are lot of thing u can get but some stuff u can only get by raiding it. Like the end ships and buldings. So maybe it coud be like darklands were it resets every so often so that we can go a raiding. It would depend on how big it is. Maybe this is a good idea.

    • Yeah maybe since you need to build all these bridges, it’s better for community building than lots.

      • I agree with bugsy, at present I can’t think of any reasons I would want a lot in the end vs it being set up similar to DL

      • Oh, please. An End like the DL or nether? That would be amazeballs.

        • I absolutely forgot how Unc has the End set up right now when I said that. With the end in 1.9 being a unique source for end stone/brick, the wing thingy, seed stock of chorus trees, and dragon heads, my initial thought was a new End that you can take stuff out of except with additional entry handicaps. But that could be problematic for all kinds of reasons.
          If chorus seeds go in the shop we can grow and craft the trees, purplar blocks and torches ourselves easy enough. Maybe keep the End a closed system with some kind of competition/scoring system and the heads and elytra gained as a prize on death/objective completion?
          Until 1.9 launches for servers it’s highly academic but now my brain wants to work on the idea :(

          • Yeah the whole end situation is a bit tricky. Since you will be able to re-summon a dragon, the whole automatic end reset is not needed anymore. I need to check if we need to/can make the end harder so that this is not a too easy target for resources.

            Game-ifying it is complicated and error-prone, so I rather avoid that if I can.

            • If you have good gear the new end isn’t what I would call hard (YMMV of course, and gameplay may change a bit on release) but it certainly poses environmental challenges. We will be falling off the world and loosing our inventory a couple times come 1.9

            • You may still desire the behavior of the reset for The End. While the dragon can be re-spawned, players will not be able to collect a dragon egg and will only collect 500 experience points when it is defeated.

                • That’s what I was thinking, a reset every couple of days to let some end cities happen.

                  Would it be possible to do something that it resets once a week, different day and times? If it always gets reset at one particular day/time, the same people are going to farm for the XP/egg and to open back up access to the end citys. If you are able to randomize the day and time different people from different time zones will have the opportunity for the first crack at the dragon.

                  • I m sure we can work out something. In the end it might have to happen during a server restart. Let’s see how it goes after 1.9 is out.

  7. I am neither for or against a DL reset. There are arguments for both, so I am in favour of whichever is easiest to implement during the change to 1.9

  8. Wow, that link is something else. 1.9 is a bigggg update.

  9. And yes. I vote for reset of DL, and if possible temp server. So much fun the last time.

  10. I’m for anything that doesn’t involve the nether being reset

    • Yeah the nether will not be reset. That’s neither wanted nor needed, nor is there anything that changes in the nether that might make us even talk about it.

  11. I do vote for a DL reset, its nice to have new terrain to explore without traveling extreme distances.

  12. I vote “pro” Darklands reset, in the light of upcoming changes.

    As for End lots… not so sure, but it’s definitely interesting idea.

  13. Will member’s have time to remove items from darklands if you do a reset?

  14. The DL reset is always a toss up. I have been off for a time and missed on the builds this round but went through the last reset. A lot of time and work goes into the DL but if collection is allowed and the spawn reset smooth, as last time the spawn was problematic for a time. I think it will be a good thing. It is always good to go into uncharted areas.

  15. i think we should reset the DL and for the end we should just have it be a resource world and reset it every so often

  16. Slight issue. I have a couple builds in the Darklands for a scavenger hunt adventure, and also items to retrieve before reset.
    1) How much notice will there be before the server actually switches or the DL is reset? A guess would be nice :)
    2) Could there be a grace period in which people can set homes there to help get their stuff out?
    (I’d buy and extra home for that!)
    3) Can we have builds saved and transferred? I know there are a few of us that actually built good things there. If not, I’m going to have to conclude my scavenger hut building process early :(

    • Oh! The “ender lots” sounds fantastic! What a great replacement for the Skylands portal! hehe

    • 1) see my latest blog post
      2) no sorry, everyone knew this is the darklands and that it will be eventually reset.
      3) see 2), also this is a quite complex manual process only I can do so even if I wanted, there is no way

    • The only exception for 3) would be if you built something so epic that it would be worth copying it to the city. Post some screenshots to the forum then and we decide.

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