Today’s upgrades: psychodrea, chenoa, lukecreative

Please see the latest upgrades from the voting system:

  • psychodrea (from Master to Elder)
  • chenoa (from DesignerDonator to MasterDonator)
  • lukecreative (from Designer to Master)

Congratz and thanks to all voters!

19 thoughts on “Today’s upgrades: psychodrea, chenoa, lukecreative

  1. This is a group of devoted Uncoverians! Thank you too all of you for your help in game.

  2. OMG drea I didn’t notice your promotion either! Much congrats, you are incredibly deserving of it
    And grats Luke too :D
    Thanks everyone, I’m not sure I’d earned this quite yet but I shall keep trying!

  3. Awww, congratulations, you guys! That’s so exciting!!! Ahhh I’m so happy for the all of you! :)

  4. Congratulations all three of you! Very much deserved. :)

  5. Grats to all 3! Sorry it took so long to tell ya. Real life sucks. Keep playing on the server, it’s so much better!

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