Server Upgrade Announcement

I will try to upgrade the server to 1.9 over sometime over the next 2 days (Sunday/Monday HKG time). Once the upgrade is successful, I will replace the old darklands with the normal world of the temp server. This means:

  • Whatever you have in the current darklands will be gone. Store it in another world.
  • Whatever you have in your inventory or enderchests in the temp server will be gone. Put it into a normal chest.
  • The temp server will be closed down.

It should not take a lot of time to upgrade, I just need to find a quiet moment. This here is just to give everyone a heads-up.

4 thoughts on “Server Upgrade Announcement

  1. Can’t wait! Does upgrading the server to 1.9 mean that 1.9-specific things like the Mending and Frost Walker enchantments will work in all the worlds?

  2. And there was much rejoicing
    Guess we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch and all that though – still, great news, and a preemptive thanks for all your work on the upgrade to 1.9 Unc :)

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