1.9 Upgrade status

So i just upgraded the server to 1.9.

The following things are still missing:

  • [FIXED] Whatever you say as a private message can be read on IRC, so I switched IRC off for now. Obviously I want to fix that, but not today anymore, it’s getting late, will try tomorrow.
  • User locations on the 2D map and what users are online is broken. I needed to change to a different plugin and still need to update the code to use the new data format.
  • We most likely will have an issue sooner or later with the inventories across worlds. Please test if all the inventories from one world to the other work well and let me know if there is an issue.
  • Several other small things do not work right now such as mob disguises, Bloody Mondays and Freaky Frydays. I hope to get those fixed soon, no ETA yet, but nothing critical. Full list will follow tomorrow.
  • Someone reported some chunk errors in the new darklands while it was still the temp server. If you see any chunk erros in the darklands please let me know including the coordinates.


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