Darklands spawn protection issue

There is an issue with the darklands spawn. I have made the area quite generous to allow for building to be built. The issue is that the protection also prevents settlers from placing boats in the area. Unfortunately I cannot change that.


  • Either we make a smaller protected area
  • Or we build a pier somewhere that reaches outside the protection area

The spawn protection covers the area -210/270 -> 247/568, please make a proposal accordingly.

3 thoughts on “Darklands spawn protection issue

  1. Well. It’s a big of a laggy one, but a solution would be to put up free boats or a boat system somewhere along the docks. That way people could contribute by putting boats in the system,
    and other can explore freely.

  2. I like the idea of a boat dispenser. I cannot speak to the affect that would have on the server performance. That may be a simple solution.

    I am in favor of building a pier outside of the protected area as an alternative. I would not want to shrink the area around spawn that is protected.

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