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I have now added a voting statistic to the users list. It’s also visible in the /who command. It shows if a user was active on the server for a number of days and voted for the same number of days. The significant amount of people who did not vote at all despite being active on the server is showing that we need to do something to incentivize voting more than just the 100 Uncs & lottery.

Some people in chat already proposed a voting competition of sorts, but I am afraid that this will reward the top-voters to vote more, but not those who otherwise never vote. Any suggestion on getting people to vote more are welcome.

[Update] Something that I decided to do is create an achievement list like the one in-game where you get rewards for doing something for the first time. Like this we can incentivize new users to try out voting, shopping, depositing etc. and at the same time teach them about server features.[/update]

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  1. Nice stat.

    About an incentive.. I agree that a price for the intensive top voters wouldn’t work. You may want to aim at average regular voters on a medium-long term, for example people who vote more than 20 days in a month, or more than 60 days in a trimester (I wouldn’t use the ratio, as I guess you’ll like better someone who comes everyday and votes 15 times in a month than someone who comes 5 times and votes 5 times).

  2. My 2 kids that play and husband would vote also but for one problem. It is only 1 vote per IP address. So out of 4 people only I can do the voting. There are other families that play here that have the same problem. If this could be changed then it would add more votes.

    • I guess that’s for the voting sites to change, not for Uncovery.

      On the other hand, you will have people who can change their IP address or have access to different IP addresses and can vote “as” various users (no password is required).

    • If you have 3 smart phones in your house, disconnect them from wifi and vote on them. I find I have to use the landscape orientation to get the human verification things to render correctly.

  3. How about giving extra homes for regular voters? (see my previous message) Those wouldn’t be permanent, they would have to be renovated by more regular voting.

    • I guess we could do that, every time you vote, your home is available for 2 days or so. Just which home do we cancel if that expires?

      • You could delete the one that’s call “tempo” or a random one (or the first/last on the list on whichever criteria).. up to us to have one that’s called “tempo”, something like that :)

        But I wouldn’t do that on a 2 day basis though, a reward on a one month basis might be more productive.

        • actually “voting” would be better than “tempo”, as people may already have a “tempo” home :)

  4. Well, I am motivated to vote more just by seeing this stat. I’m so surprised and feel kinda bad about it. I thought I voted more!

    Whatever trigger is used for new incentives, in my opinion, Uncs are the best reward because then players can buy what they want–extra homes, deposits, lots or shop items. Uncs are the most versatile. They probably also require the least special coding.

    At the risk of being a meanie, another option is to restrict access to certain privileges, the home and deposit systems, for example, if a minimum voting ratio is not maintained. Homes and deposits would not need to be deleted, just access to them removed. Maybe for the deposit system, access to the /deposit command removed but not to the /withdraw command. While this may feel like a stick to current players, it would be a huge carrot to new players.

  5. Actually that remark gave me an idea:

    How about displaying the player’s voting ratio score ingame upon login?

    And while we’re at it, why not the server’s score on and the amount of votes that separates us to gain 1 place? (currently 22! come on, people!)

    • I think those are both pretty good ideas Steph
      Being mindful, and being reminded, of just what voting means, could help a lot, and could be a good intermediary step while longer term changes are discussed.

  6. My vote count is interesting. Last month I missed only 3 days. So far this month I have not missed a day of voting. I have 0.83. I voted on every site. On planet minecraft I had not been signing in but still voted almost every day. I missed maybe 3 on there due to having to wait 24 hours before voting again. I don’t want people to think that I am not voting. On some of the voting sites there is a top voter list. I have been on that list this month and last.

  7. An interesting idea. How can one get a voting ratio above 1? There are several such entries. Do I understand correctly that the fact of voting is counted, not the number of voting servers?

    Voting competition could be fine. As for voting reward – perhaps a decoration could be fine (given temporarily – such as set of armor, or cloak), or higher chances to get something of value in @lottery. Something that won’t dis-balance the game.

    • A custom banner for the city to announce monthly winners and a matching one put in inventory to withdraw to be placed on the recipients main lot for display. That way people can go and see what they are building. Maybe even put a /story travel point for ease of access.

  8. I think it would be great that if you typed /vote in game, it took you directly to minecraft-server-list and made the whole process alot more seamless

    • Yah I can even print all the links to you in-game so you only have to click on them. Good idea.

  9. What about setting a minimum vote ratio for rank promotion? And possibly a minimum minutes per day ratio of at least 10? Ranking up has a lot to look forward to, and making that a requirement may be a nice incentive to keep people moving forward?

  10. I was thinking of a monthly lottery, with each player having their own draw from one of five different lists of possible prizes. What list your prize is drawn from depends on how much you have voted in that month.

    Less than 6 votes: No prize of the month for you.

    6 – 11 votes: list nr. 1: 4 diamonds, a random level 20 enchanted iron item, 400 uncs

    12 – 17 votes: list nr. 2: 6 diamonds, a random level 30 enchanted iron item, 600 uncs

    18 – 23 votes: list nr. 3: 10 diamonds, a random level 30 enchanted diamond item, 1000 uncs

    24 – 29 votes: list nr. 4: 16 diamonds, 3 random level 30 enchanted diamond items, 1600 uncs

    30 – 31 votes: list nr. 5: a stack of diamonds, a beacon, a dragon egg, a random mob head, 6400 uncs

    The content of those lists are just suggestions. They may need expansion and/or adjustment.
    On the front page (when you are logged in) there should be a notification of your current number of votes and the prize-list that is in effect. This info could also be given on login in the game. This should work as a reminder to vote a bit extra to get to the next step.

  11. Is there a way for the ratio to not be based off of days logged in? Currently a user who votes most days and doesn’t log in often will have a much higher ratio than one who votes and logs in everyday. Could it be something like (# of days voted)/(# of days of that voting period)?

    • If you login one day a month, and vote on that day (no matter how many sites), you have a ratio of 1.
      If you vote on more days than you login, you have a higher than 1 ratio.
      If you vote on less days than you login, you have a ratio lower than 1.

      That’s the current setting.
      Of course, if someone is online only one day and votes 30, they have a huge ratio. But this is ok.
      We have currently too many people who play but do not vote. I want to change that. This is not meant to make people play more.

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